Taio Cruz – Hangover (feat. Flo Rida) Review + Lyrics

Hay y’all it’s been a while right!? I’ve been pretty busy with college (well it’s not that I’m busy or what LOL) lately. And the most important part is I’M BACK!! I will try to post at least once a month (probably more of course, it depends though).

So now I’m reviewing Taio Cruz’ brand new single which features Flo Rida our favorite rapper “Hangover”. If there’s a word to describe this song I’d go with “explosive” coz the truth it really is explosive! It’s filled with energy, easy-going melody which will easily loved by its listener. Taio Cruz never fails me, this track has to be one of his best club friendly record, it makes us feel good and I’d be happy dancing to this song whether I’m drunk or not. And Flo Rida’s part is undoubtedly flowing real smooth like a running champagne.

Although, its lyrically immature, but that’s what dance music typical we’re having lately, nobody’s hurt.

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Listen to the song here:

[audio  http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/4/2933520/01%20Hangover%20feat.%20Flo%20Rida.mp3]


Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart

the following article is about Taio Cruz’s song, Break Your Heart review, lyrics and mp3 download

Break Your Heart is the US debut single by Taio Cruz which has peaked on Billboard 100.

Personally, I take this track as an ordinary R&B track. But its melody is unresistantly great, his voice blends with the track pretty well, and the repetitive chorus sounds filling, God I love repetition. But this track won’t stay long in your mp3 player, maybe 3 weeks or something. It’s easy to love easy to forget.

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