Lee DeWyze – Live it Up Review

I know it’s been a while. So I haven’t had my chance to greet you all with holiday greeting, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! In 2011 I haven’t lost my obsession over American Idol singers, and today I’m bringing Lee DeWyze, the winner of 9th season of AI with his debut album, Live it Up.

At first this album seemed to be a bit weary, but after a few tries I’m totally finding myself enjoying this album much. The album is playful, fun and enjoyable, though it’s not an outstanding album and this album could sound pretty bland. No head-banging tracks, all tracks are mainly mid-tempo. Lee DeWyze has a powerful voice IMO, but this album doesn’t really show his all, but he did use his skillful singing skill which sounds harmonious.

The first single, Sweet Serendipity didn’t attract me so much. Yes, I can agree on that it sounds sweet but it sounds way to generic for a leading single, this album has a lot more stronger potentials than Sweet Serendipity. I’d like to recommend Dear Isabelle, Stay Here, Me And My Jealousy (My current favorite), and Earth Stood Still.

Afterall, Live it Up is an average album, it’s fun, enjoyable it’s good. Eventhough he’s not a country singer, you country music lover should give him a shot, he worths it.


David Archuleta – Something ‘Bout Love

Just like what I’ve been tweeting, my modem is acting funny lately, so I won’t be updating any soon. But my sister is here for the rescue. So I will be reviewing Archie’s latest single.

American Idol Season 7 runner up’s first single for his upcoming sophomore album, Something Bout Love is available on iTunes on July 20. David Archuleta‘s album is planned to be released this fall. Are the girls still screaming for her?

Something Bout Love shows a different portion of Archie’s love song standard. Unlike his debut self-titled album which was filled with poppish teen love songs who were desperately looking for love. Something Bout Love serves something more mature, not only lyrically but also the genre of this track. Though he still hasn’t left his poppish image, this song will make you dance a little with its electronized beat and autotuned harmonies which are new for him. And changes are always good.

The song itself is pretty good, with explosive chorus and easy-to-remember melody which makes it catchier and easier to listen to. The opening part is kinda weird for me, but I’m sure I will get used to it. 🙂

Afterall, I like Something Bout Love, it’s actually pretty good. and download it here, don’t forget to purchase it to support the artist when it comes out.

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J-Pop Queens Month

July will be a great month in Japan, all 4 J-Pop queens are releasing their singles. They are ayumi hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi and BoA. All will be releasing their singles every week starting from July 7, with Koda Kumi’s Gossip Candy, 14 with ayumi hamasaki MOON/blossom, 21 with BoA’s WOO WEEKEND, and 28 with Namie Amuro Break It/Get Myself Back.

Koda Kumi’s 3A-Sides single, Gossip Candy is basically a big disappoinment, Fishbowl series are just too messy and unenjoyable, For You is actually the biggest problem, not mentioning why. Lollipop is sexy and wild but I’m bored with this kind of track of her. Well I like almost all of her bitchy track but this one just isn’t as good as TABOO back then.

ayumi hamasaki 1st single from her 3-singles-series-to-celebrate-her-50th-single, MOON/blossom is actually pretty promising. Both track reminds us to her past works which were awesome! And I loving her look in the single jacket 🙂 Well done ayu.

WOO WEEKEND, is BoA’s 30th single (maybe her last one in avex lol). the A-Side is actually pretty catchy but it’s like she needs some rest or what? The track is ridiculously nasally-uneneregtic. But leaving her vocal performance alone, the song is basically enjoyable. as the B-SIDE, speechless.

Namie Amuro’s Break It/Get Myself Back is a double A-Sides with 2 very different type of track. Break It sounds energetic and great. Get Myself Back is a mid-tempo track which sounds increadibly weary. I love Break It, but I’m getting tired of Namie who always talk about past, future, now blah blah get myself back. Face it GIRL! you’re popular now! no need to get yourself BACK?

so in my opinion, ayumi hamasaki’s MOON/blossom will outsell three of them, with Namie as her runner up and Koda in 3rd place, not because the single’s great or what, but she still has some popularity left unlike BoA which won’ outsell 3 of them.

I know it’s kind of unfair to juge them like that, but trust me, I’m a fan and I’m just a bit upset of what’s avex doing lately, especially on BoA. BoA is the least popular among 4 of them, how would she regain her crown if avex is not giving her a good song? And the promo? 2 days on MTV Exclusive? While Miley Cyrus got like 9999 days on? As for Ayumi Hamasaki, I know she’s her Max Matsura bias, but? look at her single cover font?? it’s like photoshopped by a real amateur. Well, not much for Kuu and Namie.

Anyway don’t mind my prediction, I’m usually wrong, I’m just upset, that’s it

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Ayumi Hamasaki – Rock’n’Roll Circus (Review+Download)

Ayumi Hamasaki‘s eleventh studio album titled Rock’n’Roll Circus released on 14th April. It contains 10 new tracks (interludes included) and 5 songs from her previous singles: Sunrise/Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~ and You were…/BALLAD. The bonus track decided to  be a new version of RED LINE~for TA~. The DVD contains 4 new PVs: Microphone, Sexy little things, Don’t look back and Lady Dynamite. 4 previous PVs included as well. not only PV, the DVD also contains the making of each PV and digest movie of her previous live tour, NEXT LEVEL.

01. THE introduction
02. Microphone  [Lyrics]
03. countdown [Lyrics]
04. Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~  [Lyrics]
05. BALLAD  [Lyrics]
06. Last Links [Lyrics]
07. montage
08. Don’t look back  [Lyrics]
09. Jump!
10. Lady Dynamite  [Lyrics]
11. Sexy little things  [Lyrics]
12. Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~  [Lyrics]
13. meaning of Love [Lyrics]
14. You were…
15. RED LINE ~for TA~ [album version] [Lyrics]



The opening interlude, THE introduction sounds pretty cheap with its 80s feature but the mixture of orchestral feature gives an awesome and classy vibe, but it practically fails to deliver the album tho the next track,  Microphone. Microphone has more explosive orchestral musical backup. Microphone has a bunch of amazing effects which support its rock and roll feeling, I gotta say, Microphone is one of track I miss from ayu. although its lacking in vocal aspect, Microphone is a great track. Only with one explosive track, this album jumps to its ballad side. The dark feeling given by rock ballad count down reminds me to her (miss)understood album. It shows how soulful and emotional this song is, a loveable chorus to sing along with.

~Dimming Spotlight~

Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~, a slow ballad with summer-ish feeling, it sounds a bit immature and quite weary. unlike Sunset ~LOVE is ALL~, BALLAD has more serious music exploration which give traditional feeling, which resembles to part of Me.

~Rock Show~

Last Links, is a very great song. another dark rock ballad, with sounds a bit fragile and sounds more emotional than previous songs, gotta say “her genuine track”. another interlude, montage a thrilling orchestral music which changes to a magical classical music in the middle of the song and deliver us to the next track which influenced with Arabian vibe, Don’t look back. The music is exquisite and gives a perfect feeling of a mystery. The song is basically shouldn’t get over-played.

~The Circus~

The album has arrived to its peak wildness, Jump! an upbeat interlude which combine dance and rock song. It surely sounds well as a perfect deliverer to next cute rock track, Lady Dynamite. Yeah it’s right the title is too awesome. The song is great and Lady Dynamite is the most energetic track in this album. unlike Lady Dynamite, Sexy little things isn’t an energetic track. but it’s the most recommended track I’d say. Its cutesy doesn’t sound cheesy and the music is served neat and enriched with unique special effects.

~Show Aftermath~

Sunrise ~LOVE is ALL~, is not a big different with its previous ~LOVE is ALL~ series, it’s glittery and summer-ish. meaning of Love shows her feminine side significantly. The song sounds touching and flowing enjoyably. Well IMO too feminine doesn’t mean weak but this song is not a strong track afterall. You were… the coldest track of all, not in bad way and it gives a winter flavor which sounds pretty powerful on its chorus. The last track RED LINE ~for TA~, a generic track which served with melodic vocal feature and a rockish musical essence. The additional acapella ending just pretty random and served only for her fans.

Recommended tracks: Microphone, countdown, Lady Dynamite, Sexy little things

Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart

the following article is about Taio Cruz’s song, Break Your Heart review, lyrics and mp3 download

Break Your Heart is the US debut single by Taio Cruz which has peaked on Billboard 100.

Personally, I take this track as an ordinary R&B track. But its melody is unresistantly great, his voice blends with the track pretty well, and the repetitive chorus sounds filling, God I love repetition. But this track won’t stay long in your mp3 player, maybe 3 weeks or something. It’s easy to love easy to forget.

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