BoA – Milestone – Single Review

Milestone is BoA’s 31st Japanese single, it’s a long awaited single for her fans around the globe since she hasn’t been releasing any new tracks, due her shooting of upcoming Hollywood dance movie called COBU 3D which is produced by the man behind Step Up, Duane Adler. Milestone was released on 7 Dec 11. it was a success radio hit, but it’s not selling very well physically. It also peaked at no.7  in Japan Hot 100 chart.

The single itself only contains 1 new song, the other 2 tracks featured had been released before (I SEE ME & メリクリ ~BEST & USA Version~). The first track, Milestone is a soothing ballad track that features simple piano melody. This song itself almost sounds like its own version of piano acoustic that no drums or any beat enhancer were used. Her vocal wasn’t as powerful as her ballad standard back in 2007 and before, you know, puberty. Eventhough it’s not a powerhouse ballad track which was BoA’s forté back in her teenage days, Milestone successfully delivers an emotional messages of lonelinesses and struggles she had been through the years, even I have no idea what she was saying until I read the lyrics translation. This is a great example of a saying that says Don’t let languages be your barrier (or something like that) she able to emote through language barrier which is awesome.

Every time the season changes
The world gets ahead of the feeling
My ‘Milestone’ will never be shaken
Because I keep a record every time…

Personally, Milestone is not my favorite ballad of BoA but it gave me a goosebumps at the first listen. It’s a great ballad.

In the other hand I SEE ME provides more jazzy and mature instrumentals and a wider vocal range. I SEE ME is an OK song, it’s pretty good for the few first listens. And the rendition of her phenomenal ballad, メリクリ is added as well. It was kind of pointless of adding the BEST & USA version that had already released in her album back in 2009, It’s a very good track though. It’s more likely the deeper version of メリクリ sung in feminine nasal voice. But her nasal voice works just fine in this single, no complain of her nasality in her single here.

I can provide the download link, just ask @DaddyFredy and I’ll upload it for you. Remember to purchase it by yourself. I do!


BoA – IDENTITY Review (MP3 +Music Video)

IDENTITY is BoA‘s 7th Japanese album, it’s released on 2010, 10th of Feb. it contains 8 new songs (excluding interludes). 2 singles were previously released, BUMP BUMP feat. VERBAL (m-flo) and Mamoritai which peaked at #2 on Oricon chart. Jewelry Box warns you to purchase the album to support her lol.

Listen and download of BoA’s IDENTITY album here, and watch the music video from the following link.

01 This Is Who I Am
03 BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL(m-flo)
05 interlude#1
06 is this love
07 interlude#2
08 まもりたい ~White Wishes~
09 ネコラブ
10 THE END そして and… (album ver.)
11 Possibility duet with 三浦大知
12 fallin
13 my all

play the track (interludes are unavailable)
watch the High quality music video


~This Is Who I Am~
To begin with This Is Who I Am provides an interesting melodic orchestral instrument features. It’s horrifyingly gorgeous, The verses are pretty filled and the chorus sounds classy, unlike the crappy preview, the full version sounds way better. Eventough it’s BoA’s weakest opening track it’s still quite enjoyable since BoA’s voice sounded pretty matured and perfects-ionized. It’s ain’t nasal and great. this track will get boring if it gets overplayed though.

~Shake Your Hip~
The second track, EASY. The bass-drums are beautiful, it’s amusing and makes you shake your hip. The verses are packed neatly, served well with the background drum. flirty hooks and choruses are just way too awesome to explain. so club-friendly track, awesome. The third track is her previous single, BUMP BUMP!, the song itself features VERBAL (m-flo). The song is pretty enjoyable but her voice is pretty weak in this track, a good track though.
LAZER, composed by VERBAL. the introduction gives an awesome cosmic feeling, the pounding drums also stunning, the high pitch part is pretty shocking, it sounds professional, the chorus left pretty empty tough, but afterall it’s great.

~High Heels Steppin On the Gas~

is this love sounds sexy and romantic, she shows her desire, how tempted she is. The background music is pretty generic. The verses delivers listeners to an amusing chorus, it sounds fragile. The ending part of choruses sounds beautiful. It succeeded to explain how sweet falling in love is. Awesome track

~Papa Paparazzi~

Mamoritai, noted as one of her best ballad up to date, it’s refreshing and sounds dramatic. it gets her name up on the chart once again.

Neko Love has a stunning beat, it’s one of BoA’s finnest sexy song. her voice breathy and heavy. It’s catchy, everything!! The bridge is wonderful! Artistic and loveable, not spoiling here, listen to it by yourself.

~Rain Falls~
They added an addition prelude to THE END soshite and…, also some detail into the song which makes it sounds even better from the previous time I listen to it. Possibility is and awesome slow tempo R&B song, it’s well electronized, no more no less. The verses are well filling and the chorus is powerful, even tough Daichi Miura doesn’t really put everything he has into this studio version of this song, Possibility makes a perfect word for a duet. they synchronized with each other so well. An addictive song. Fallin piano features gives it beautiful vibes for an electronic track. it sounds sweet as sugar. The bass-drums are also cool, there’s a slight problem about the chorus, it’s pretty boring but, the part where she’s being repetitive sounds awesome and not boring at all, an average track, but still highly recommended. The last track, but not least is my all, a highly sensitive ballad. it’s calming on the verse and explodes on the chorus. The first chorus sounds pretty generic. But with some improvisation the second chorus explodes in my ear, it sounds awesome!!! The bridge is kinda meh… but my all is track you can cry to, her voice is gorgeous and strong, her technique, everything.

3.5 stars, She deserves these stars, because she has shown us a significant changes which lead her to better version of BoA. IDENTITY is her most artistic album up to date, it’s attached with tastes and a fine quality of her new voice. Her voice is far stronger, which she hasn’t shown long time ago (after LOSE YOUR MIND, her voice went all crappy). The most impressive things are the instrumentals and of course, her strong voice, which fits any kind of song, dance track or even a vulnerable ballad track.

not only marking her comeback, IDENTITY also shows us that she is a good producer (I’m not sure about the lyrics, I don’t understand Japanese)

How will BoA’s IDENTITY do!?


BoA, American-Japanese-Korean singer is going to release her 7th Japanese Album ‘IDENTITY‘. if she tops the chart, it’s going to be her 7th #1 Consecutive albums, which will make her as the only artist with 7 #1 consecutive albums in Japan (only behind ayumi hamasaki with 8 albums, she failed with her 9th album, GUILTY which was only peaked at number 2).

many people predicted that BoA won’t make it since faces a strong competition, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS. NINKI, Japanese prediction site predicted:
2010年02月05日 付
期待度ポイント 150.20
タイトル ファンキーモンキーベイビーズBEST
発売日 2010年02月10日発売

期待度ポイント アーティスト タイトル 発売日
82.30 BoA IDENTITY 02/10


Ninki was 100% accurate about her previous singles. But, NINKI only did a survey from Japanese audiences. they didn’t count online pre-ordering site. Since according to Wikipedia, Avex said that the pre-ordering numbers were numerous it jumps over 150,000 copies pre-ordered.

So 82.30 + 150.00 equals to 232.30 copies sold! YAY!! Go BoA!!


BoA’s Remarkable Comeback

BoA, Korean finest singer, after tried her debut on the State. Finally made a comeback in Japan. With 2 leading singles, BUMP BUMP featuring VERBAL and まもりたい ~White Wishes~which was featured in infamous Tales of Series RPG game. She’s going to release a full-length album which is going to be released on 2/10 entitled ‘IDENTITY‘.

IDENTITY produced by BoA herself, it means IDENTITY is BoA’s first self-produced album. it contains 13 tracks with 2 interludes (means 11 songs).

CD+DVD Version of BoA's 7th Japanese album 'IDENTITY'
01. This Is Who I Am
02. EASY
03. BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL(m-flo)
05. interlude#1
06. is this love
07. interlude#2
08.まもりたい ~White Wishes~
09. ネコラブ
10. THE END そして and… (album ver.)
11. Possibility duet with 三浦大知
12. Fallin’
13. my all

avex has released 30 secs preview of each track, it’s available to download here,  according to the preview,  the album sounds mature and professional. So no more THE FACE’s cutesy image or such. IDENTITY marks as BoA’s remarkable comeback. taking ‘EASY‘ for the easiest example, it’s flirty and has a surprising beat that BoA hasn’t shown to Japan since LOSE YOUR MIND, the bass-drum sounds killing.  Another splendid track is ‘Possibility duet with 三浦大知‘ it’s a perfect duet, Daichi Miura which is featured in this song sounds almost like Ne-Yo (or any other American Hip-Hop Artists). not only dance tracks BoA has also done a vulnerable ballad track titled ‘my all‘. even though  it sounds generic, BoA ain’t being nasal anymore.

A bit reviewing,
BoA's 28th Japanese single 'BUMP BUMP!'

BoA’s 28th Japanese single entitled BUMP BUMP! peaked on #8 on Weekly Single Chart. Only sold 13,898 copies. The title song is an enjoyable dance track. I would give 3 stars for this song. For the B-side ‘IZM‘ even though it’s enhanced with BoA’s strong vocal it’s still quite poor, so 2.5 stars is fine.

BoA's 29th Japanese single 'Mamoritai ~White Wishes~'

BoA’s 29th Japanese single entitled Mamoritai, peaked on #3 on Weekly Single Chart. Sold 46,647 copies. Which is a great sign since BoA’s selling is keep dropping since Sweet Impact. Mamoritai is calming yet strong winter ballad, but her voice is a bit crappy here 3.5 stars should work it. The B-Side which is included for her 7th Album ‘THE END soshite and…‘ which produced by BoA herself is a mark of her come back. her voice is great, but the song is just too long and a bit boring. But technique is international-grade, 3.5 stars.

I see a light of hope for her 7th Japanese album. it’s her most mature album to date. I think it’s going to be great compared to her last album ‘THE FACE’. BoA is striking back with her short hair! Come top the chart once again BoA! LOL