Hidden Gem: Sheva

Hey, I know I haven’t been here like FOREVER, college has been keeping me busy doing stuffs I dislike, lol. Anyway I’m going to review a band from Indonesia, which is the first time I’m doing it here. So here we go:

Sheva, a new local Indonesian band my friend has just formed. To be completely honest I’ve never really given any Indonesia’s music a chance, but this one is an exception. I gave them a try and BAM! I was drowned into their pool of melodic and rich musical performance. So far they’ve released 3 songs digitally and 2 of them are open to download for free.

[audio http://www.fileden.com/files/2010/8/4/2933520/Sheva%20-%20Pulang.mp3]

I will start with Pulang which literally means Go Home. Pulang is a soft ballad that attracts me the most out of the 3 tracks they’ve released so far. It consists a very well-arranged soft acoustic musics. It starts out soft with a terrific piano which reminds me of Evanescence‘s past works, and gradually a very crispy acoustic guitar makes its entrance. The strongest strength from this track is its bridge when all the fire and tensions are built as the drums start to play its role. The music is terrific and so enjoyable, I’m not crazy about the vocal though, but I love his technique, it’s just he lacks some power in it, put more power in it and the song will be just delicately perfect. Oh, and the rhyming is genius, I haven’t heard many Indonesian song with meaningful rhyming words, so this song is just brilliant. I Applaud the writer.

Unlike the previous track, the other 2 tracks are a lot more fun and upbeat, I’ll start with Titik Terang (I don’t really know what’s the best translation for this, maybe Bright Spot O_o it sounds hell lotta more poetic in Indonesian though). It’s a very fun track with summer vibes in it, the music is rich and really easy to enjoy to. On the other hand Serenade, the latest song they have released, seems to be more like fiery and energetic. Serenade is the kind of song when the chorus starts you’ll feel something inside of you burning up, which is the kind of music I love. i love the vocal in this song, it’s done pretty well. I don’t know why but both tracks keep reminding me to Paramore‘s music when they just started out, mostly probably because of the of the piano, guitar and the drums. I also feel some serious Bon Jovi influences in their musical touch. J’adore.

To sum it up, all of the tracks consist a very RICH musical performance which I adore. They totally worth a shot! visit their ReverbNation page to listen to all of their songs or follow them on Twitter @ShevaBand. Sheva is currently working on their EP, I just can’t wait.