Jewelry Box was originally named BoA’s Jewelry Box. It was born on 21st February of 2008. The first inspiration to make this blog was, BoA’s Japanese song called be with you. BoA’s Jewelry Box changed its name to Jewelry Box on 24th January of 2010. Before it changed name BoA’s Jewelry Box was only reviewing Japanese music. But since it turned into Jewelry Box, it started to review American music. It also provided free download link, lyrics or such. But please purchase the songs/albums to support the artist.



Jewelry Box gives score to every single kind of music that it reviews.



Not only reviewing or giving news, Jewelry Box also shares something unique, fun and interesting un-related or maybe related stuffs, so keep your eyes.



If you like Jewelry Box, leave your response on your favorite post. It could be a comment, question or maybe to complete an incomplete news on the post. It would be a great support for this blog.



You could request what music to review, simply leave your response on this page, or wherever you want in this blog. But not all of request will be fulfilled. Jewelry Box is a bit picky.



Want to add Jewelry Box to your blogroll, or your site want to be added to Jewelry Box blogroll? Simply leave your site’s address in this page. The site should be related to music.



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104 comments on “About

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  2. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. You definitely aren’t stupid, so never think that. I am really excited about BoA new single. The cover art looks really cool, too bad the release date is so far away. I’ve added you, so do the same 😀 Keep up the good work!


  3. no… my name is josh…haha
    im a boy(duh…what girl would be named josh?)
    yes, you could request anything there and
    i’m planning to review BoA’s made in twenty(20),valenti and the face!
    just wait a while… ok? 🙂

  4. @ Patrick!! Yeah I will add you too XD, I also so excited bout it XD

    @Josh! hahahaha sorry XD YAY I’m looking forward your review! I think I’d be cool !! XD

  5. Of course! lol. I’ve been visiting your blog for the past few weeks lol. Very great blog you’ve here!

  6. Heyy can I add you to my link,too? I always have trouble to find jpop blogs…since I want to knwo mroe songs and stuff..

    yes yes just like that. ?_?
    you dont need to add me, since mine is not about music or reviews..thats to advanced for me..=_=

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  8. Lolz Fredy XD

    Why the hell u put that ‘cheese cake’ there? XD

    What about Tohoshinki? Have u listened to ’em?

  9. Well fullmoon was talking about seet thing XD

    and hell! I’ve listened to them but Well, maybe It just wont work on guy I guess LOL

  10. Lolz, but still…
    I like it only as Tohoshinki, cause I don’t understand Korean XD
    Well, but not as much as my love towards BoA XD
    XD XD XD

  11. Aieee! you are 1992 people, so you are the year of monkey~

    ahaha monkey monkey~ I eat banana and I’m happy~


  12. hummmmm thank you very much Hanes! I duno..maybe I do…

    but 1992 is the year of monkey!!!..how can you be goat?…there must be a trick -0-

  13. I’d be more than happy to get you some links to AAA songs. 😀 Okay, here goes:

    Their most recent single d/l:

    ALL of their albums d/l:

    And the video up on Raid’s site has the PV streaming for their newest single, the double a-side MUSIC!!! / ZERO. :3 He has MUSIC!!! on it. :3

    If I recommend a song, it’s Beyond~Karada no Kanata. :3 And I’ll see if I review some BoA stuff. ;P

  14. Haha, I totally have nothing against BoA. I actually love some of her songs. I promise to review some of her stuff for you 😛

  15. hi i am cristle i like japan so much i wont to go to japan some day but i will wont a friend so that they can learn mi japanse and we can talk about koda kumi i will like a friend thit is mine email addres cristle_aka_cristie@hotmail.com i hoop i will get a new japanese friends thnks and i can talk english and dutch and my one laughe papiamentu becose im not a amerikan but i come from the caribean curacao there i live now

  16. Hello! I just started a blog 2 weeks ago.. I’m off to a slow start, but will you please exchange links? I’m adding you as we speak.
    -Aikorin (eieneternity.wordpress.com)

  17. Hey! 🙂

    Been readin your blog for a long time and it’s thanks to you that I know mihimaru GT so, thanks! 🙂

    Just thought I should let you know (if you don’t already) that Mihimaru GT is coming out with two new singles! Switch is the first and it’s awesome, here’s a vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qUxXOmtcg-c.

    The other is called Torokechau Dandy. It’ll be released later though.
    Also, check out the covers, Switch is especially cool.

    Catch ya later 😉

  18. Hi, there! I like your blog a lot! Let’s be blog friends!!

    Click on my username to go to my site! Let’s exchange!

  19. yeah I know, both of mihimaru GT, haha I heard Switch and Over Drive already and I love the cover. Hahaha

    @Bozu: I’ve added ya..

    @Arie: link?

    @hyperballad: “LOL” hahaha

  20. @aikorin! I can’t add you now 😦 something’s wrong I can’t even post a new post 😦 Ive sent a report will give you a feedback ASAP

    sorry for this inconvenience

  21. I stumbled upon your blog because I was looking for Ayumi Hamasaki’s 10th anniversary version of, You, and instead was curious to reading more about BoA Kwon’s song, milestone. The piano version that played in your site is very nice. Im enjoying it. Thanks. Randomness does have its rewards 🙂

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