Lee DeWyze – Live it Up Review

I know it’s been a while. So I haven’t had my chance to greet you all with holiday greeting, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! In 2011 I haven’t lost my obsession over American Idol singers, and today I’m bringing Lee DeWyze, the winner of 9th season of AI with his debut album, Live it Up.

At first this album seemed to be a bit weary, but after a few tries I’m totally finding myself enjoying this album much. The album is playful, fun and enjoyable, though it’s not an outstanding album and this album could sound pretty bland. No head-banging tracks, all tracks are mainly mid-tempo. Lee DeWyze has a powerful voice IMO, but this album doesn’t really show his all, but he did use his skillful singing skill which sounds harmonious.

The first single, Sweet Serendipity didn’t attract me so much. Yes, I can agree on that it sounds sweet but it sounds way to generic for a leading single, this album has a lot more stronger potentials than Sweet Serendipity. I’d like to recommend Dear Isabelle, Stay Here, Me And My Jealousy (My current favorite), and Earth Stood Still.

Afterall, Live it Up is an average album, it’s fun, enjoyable it’s good. Eventhough he’s not a country singer, you country music lover should give him a shot, he worths it.


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