BoA – Hurricane Venus

BoA has finally released her 6th Korean album titled Hurricane Venus on August 5. Well I know the title sounds a bit awkward. Well many says Hurricane Venus is reflecting a woman’s power. Venus reflects femininity as Hurricane is known as a disastrous and powerful side. I disliked the title at first, but who cares? I love it now. I love awkward stuffs.

Packaging of BoA's 6th Album 'Hurricane Venus'

Packaging of BoA's 6th Album 'Hurricane Venus' captured by koralex90 from BoA's House

Well as I can see, I see Hurricane Venus as BoA’s most criticized album up to date. Many dislike the cover used. Personally I love it so much it blew me at the first sight. Well for me it’s unique and new. The booklet contains many kinds of image. I see high-fashioned BoA, Girly BoA etc.

As for the music in the CD, the most essential part in the whole product. Hurricane Venus’ opening track is GAME, which music video was previously released as a thank-you present for her loyal Korean fans. As for me, the music video is one of her well-planned music video since LOSE YOUR MIND (putting aside her American MVs). Even though she doesn’t dance in this Music Video, some of her movement pulls the viewers to enjoy the song more. The song itself has a great personality which sounds new. She shows inviting vocal, and the vocal is partially auto-tuned which disappoints half of her fans. Thanks Super Junior who trends auto-tuned with their world hit, Sorry Sorry. I’m 100% okay with autotuned voice as long as its not chipmunk’s. GAME shows her mature side along with bitchy and naughty image which sound sexy and enjoyable.

  • Hurricane Venus:

Almost half of this album is a heavy dance tracks such as its title track, Hurricane Venus, LET ME and Dangerous. Hurricane Venus sounds so well-edited. The editing is done professionally. Dangerous sounds less originally since it sounds more common to Korean music industry. The most recent work I recognize is f(x)’s NU ABO. But musically Dangerous and Hurricane Venus are catchy and great track to sing and dance along to. Unlike Dangerous, LET ME sounds more westernized and less catchy, but it has a great characteristic.

  • Adrenaline:

My favorite track aka. the most energetic track in the whole album, Adrenaline. It sounds more American instead of Korean to me. The chorus sounds so energetic ( I can’t remember when is the last time she recorded shouting song like this, that it brought me to shiver when I listened to it at first.) that mixed well with its sexy verses and catchy Lalala I love it– hook.

Hurricane Venus also shows girly side of hers in this album, Piano dominated M.E.P (My Electric Piano) and 하루하루 (Ordinary Day). M.E.P sounds refreshing and fun-to-repeat kind of song. Mostly reminds me to Owl City’s work. Ordinary Day sounds nostalgic as I hear its resemblance to Gracious Days and no more make sick. Both tracks are enjoyable and fun to listen to.

  • 한별 (Implode):

There are 3 ballads in this album, 옆 사람 (Stand By), 한별 (Implode) and Don’t Know What To Say. Even though all of them are ballads but all of them reflect very different characteristic. I can’t decide which my favorite between Stand By and Implode is. They are simply beautiful. Stand By is stronger than Implode vocally. Both are sweet. Implode sounds mainly played along with acoustic music which much resembled to Snow Patrol’s work. But Implode is way too long, there are some unnecessary part that should have been removed, and please replace her brother’s voice with hers instead. That’d be way better. I’m not saying that her brother’s voice is crappy or what but to listen to a man voice in this sweet song is just awkward and weird. Well their duo sounds calming and lovely so just let it be. While Don’t Know What To Say sounds less poppish, it’s jazzier to me. Which is new, Well, Don’t Know What To Say is not the only one with jazzy feeling,

  • 로망스 (Romance):

The other is 로망스 (Romance). Unlike Don’t Know What To Say, Romance sounds more matured and sexually-romantic. The background music is clearly bringing scratchy classic feeling of 80-90s love songs. Epic!

After all, Hurricane Venus DOES blow the people’s mind away. The album is filling, professionally arranged and well-planned.

I’d like to thank SM Entertainment for giving this project to BoA, I’ve almost forgotten how epic BoA’s music are. Hurricane Venus is a great comeback, and a great beginning of her long awaiting Korean and American career.

Happy 10th Anniversary BoA

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10 comments on “BoA – Hurricane Venus

  1. I think this album still has to grow on me. I didn’t really get into BoA until she released ‘THE FACE’, but I *adored* her American album and I like a lot of her older works. I will say that this album has more songs that I like than her previous Japanese ‘IDENTITY’ album, which kinda blew for me.

    With ‘HURRICANE VENUS’, she’s putting emotion back behind her voice, which she hasn’t done in years. I think she’s excited to be back in Korea. ^-^ I always liked her early Korean works more, I just wish she didn’t do any autotune. She has to much talent for that stuff.

  2. Yeah agree with you. She has put more emotion in this album. Well I loved Possibility though (from her IDENTITY album).
    lol I’m okay with autotune though.

    Thank you for the feedback 🙂

  3. I agree with you, the cover is amazing. Lol, to me, the title ‘Hurricane Venus’ just sounds cool/badass, I don’t really see it as having any feminist connotations. But that’s just me.

  4. Well she stated herself that Hurricane Venus is taken from Hurricane’s name that usually uses girl’s name, and she thinks Venus is a girls’ name. so yeah it’s feminist for me 😀

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