J-Pop Queens Month

July will be a great month in Japan, all 4 J-Pop queens are releasing their singles. They are ayumi hamasaki, Namie Amuro, Koda Kumi and BoA. All will be releasing their singles every week starting from July 7, with Koda Kumi’s Gossip Candy, 14 with ayumi hamasaki MOON/blossom, 21 with BoA’s WOO WEEKEND, and 28 with Namie Amuro Break It/Get Myself Back.

Koda Kumi’s 3A-Sides single, Gossip Candy is basically a big disappoinment, Fishbowl series are just too messy and unenjoyable, For You is actually the biggest problem, not mentioning why. Lollipop is sexy and wild but I’m bored with this kind of track of her. Well I like almost all of her bitchy track but this one just isn’t as good as TABOO back then.

ayumi hamasaki 1st single from her 3-singles-series-to-celebrate-her-50th-single, MOON/blossom is actually pretty promising. Both track reminds us to her past works which were awesome! And I loving her look in the single jacket 🙂 Well done ayu.

WOO WEEKEND, is BoA’s 30th single (maybe her last one in avex lol). the A-Side is actually pretty catchy but it’s like she needs some rest or what? The track is ridiculously nasally-uneneregtic. But leaving her vocal performance alone, the song is basically enjoyable. as the B-SIDE, speechless.

Namie Amuro’s Break It/Get Myself Back is a double A-Sides with 2 very different type of track. Break It sounds energetic and great. Get Myself Back is a mid-tempo track which sounds increadibly weary. I love Break It, but I’m getting tired of Namie who always talk about past, future, now blah blah get myself back. Face it GIRL! you’re popular now! no need to get yourself BACK?

so in my opinion, ayumi hamasaki’s MOON/blossom will outsell three of them, with Namie as her runner up and Koda in 3rd place, not because the single’s great or what, but she still has some popularity left unlike BoA which won’ outsell 3 of them.

I know it’s kind of unfair to juge them like that, but trust me, I’m a fan and I’m just a bit upset of what’s avex doing lately, especially on BoA. BoA is the least popular among 4 of them, how would she regain her crown if avex is not giving her a good song? And the promo? 2 days on MTV Exclusive? While Miley Cyrus got like 9999 days on? As for Ayumi Hamasaki, I know she’s her Max Matsura bias, but? look at her single cover font?? it’s like photoshopped by a real amateur. Well, not much for Kuu and Namie.

Anyway don’t mind my prediction, I’m usually wrong, I’m just upset, that’s it

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4 comments on “J-Pop Queens Month

  1. Gossip Candy is a load of junk. Kumi needs to go away for a while and recharge. She just keeps getting worse.

    Hoping BoA outsells everybody. Her single is probably the best of the four. I had to listen to Woo Weekend a few times for it to grow on me, but I like it overall.

    Good post!

  2. Thank you 😉
    I hope so, but I don’t think I’d happen (Well Disney is on her side though) but Ayu and Namie are just way too tough!! hahaha

  3. I love her eyes 😀
    and its a great shoot!

    I dislike Break it MV though, its cool though, but I think its lack of something, maybe.. red outfit, Blue just not reprsents the song well

    I love the choreography though, well done 🙂

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