Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight Video Premiere

Christina Aguilera has just released her anticipated music video from her upcoming album, Bionic. Not Myself Tonight music video got so many negative responses due it’s similarity to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance Music Video. For me Not Myself Tonight is pretty creative, since I’m not only seeing Bad Romance, I see Paparazzi, Love Game and Telephone‘s eyebrows; Not only that, anyone recognize Britney’s 3? Ahaha well we can’t say she copies or clones, her unique eyelashes are hers, and of course energetic dance moves. We can’t blame her for plaguing, her producer is the one who doing it.

Afterall, I dislike her blonde hair, she looks the best with her brunette hair, outfits are kinda off. My favorite part is where she pours black paint (or some random liquid) onto her body, it’s innovative and reminds me to BoA’s Possibility music video. It’s a good music video; but not her best.


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