Blink 182’s might do the comeback in 2010

according to

Perhaps all that talk of a Blink-182 releasing a new album in 2010 was a tad premature — at least, according to Tom DeLonge.

In an interview with Billboard, the Blink guitarist was discussing his plans to release Love, the third album from his other band, Angels & Airwaves, for free. (It will be available for download through A&A’s official site starting on — fittingly enough — February 14.) During the interview, he let it slip that Blink were in discussions with Interscope Records about releasing a brand-new studio record in 2011.

In theory, this wasn’t exactly shocking. After all, Blink have been working on the follow-up to their self-titled 2003 album since they reunited at last year’s Grammys, and though they’ve talked up new songs and brought a camera crew in to document the recording process, they’ve yet to actually announce when the album will be released. At press time, Interscope Records had not commented on the album’s release date.

Earlier this month, in a teaser trailer for its upcoming “Blinkumentary,” Los Angeles-based production company Handsome Randsome claimed that Blink were currently in the studio working on the album, and in November, drummer Travis Barker told MTV News that he and his bandmates were planning on “getting together once a week or once every two weeks” to work on the album.

All of which led fans to speculate that the new Blink disc would be hitting stores this year — but according to DeLonge, that may not be the case.

personally I always love Blink 182 more than A&A (Angels and Airwaves) or +44. However, Hoppus stated via Twitter that 2011 is “too far away” and will do everything he can do to release the new album in 2010. Better watch your tongue dude.


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