Lady Gaga – Telephone feat. Beyoncé Lyrics & Music Video Premiere

After a riot of long waiting, finally little monsters could enjoy Lady Gaga Telephone music video. It produced by the one who produced epic Paparazzi.

The video contains many artistic scene, from prison fight, dickless Gaga, Cook’N’Kill, B-Honey Bails Gaga out, Cigarettes Glasses and of course Pussy Wagon.

The dancing scenes are awesome, even the choreographs are simple but the outfits are smoking hot, American sport bra!

Gaga looks entertainingly cute with her massive poisoning scene in the kitchen, nice facial expressions. lol.

And of course a beloved quotation “You’ve been a bad girl, a very very bad bad girl, Gaga!” – B-HONEY

Wanna sing along? view the lyrics below by clicking the icon

And, I’ve reviewed the song, click HERE to read it.

And guess what? Don’t forget that her sister was featured!

Her name is Lady Jaja, kidding! Her name is Natalie Germanotta, They have a very similar facial features! Thanks Greg for pointing this out.

And it’s not finished yet, It’s rumored that the sequel will be released, to continue the ‘to be continued’ part, Alejandro will be her 3rd Single.


11 comments on “Lady Gaga – Telephone feat. Beyoncé Lyrics & Music Video Premiere

    Gaga is nice enuf to put more beyonce, unlike what b-honey did on her Video phone MV which only included less-Gaga Grrr


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  4. I was gonna believe that her sister is Lady Gaja or wtv u wrote it. God, I was this close to laugh so hard. btw, love the mv!! too bad I got a lame internet connection so I can’t watch it full.aaarrghh keep on review-ing, dude!

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