BoA is coming back to Korea!

[JES Lee Donghyun] After 5 years singer BoA is preparing for her comeback project for her home country.

BoA is currently planning to release an album and begin active promotions in Korea on August 25th, her 10th anniversary since her debut. BoA, who has concentrated on her Japanese activities and then on her entrance into the American market after her 5th album “Girls On Top” in 2005, is meeting her 10th anniversary with a striking Korean comeback. BoA released her 7th Japanese album “Identity” last February and is now on a nationwide Japanese tour. It is planned that she will enter into preparations for her Korean comeback after she finishes with her tour.

A high ranking representative from BoA’s agency SM Entertainment revealed on the 1st, “2010 is a meaningful year because it is BoA’s 10th anniversary since her debut. After “Girls On Top” she hasn’t had the opportunity to meet with her Korean fans and so we have agreed to create an album with as much meaning as those 5 years.” Also, “We are currently planning to release the album on August 25th, which has a symbolic meaning in that it is her debut date, but the date is liable to change a bit depending on the pace of the album preparation.”

BoA released her 7th Japanese album “Identity” in Korea last February 18th. BoA showed her personal musical colors through “Identity” by taking part in producing for the first time. There is interest being garnered about whether she will produce her Korean album to be released in August. SM said “Because BoA has a high interest in music that will show her personal self, there is a high chance of her taking part as a producer. We will come to a decision after discussing many things.”

There is also interest in whether BoA will continue her American activities. In 2009 BoA released her debut American single “Eat You Up” and then her self-titled debut album “BoA” and began her American entrance. It is being predicted that due to her Japanese and Korean activities she will take a break from her American activities in 2010. To this SM expressed, “Her American activities will continue. Currently Producer Lee Soo Man is overseeing the whole of her American activities in the US.”

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Well like I’ve predicted, BoA will not miss her 10th Anniversary in Korea (dated 25th August). She’s finally answers all of her Korean fans who have waited the longest. So there are possibilities:

  • Whether the album is going to be a collection album (including her previous hits like ID; Peace B, NO.1, Atlantis Princess, My Name and Girls on Top) with few new songs or a 6th Studio album which will contain all new songs. Well My prediction goes to the 1st one, since she will start recording as soon as she finishes her tour in Japan and the deadline is close.
  • BoA will produce once again
  • Ther’s a possibility that her English song (or maybe re-recorded in Korean) will be included in this album

These are my predictions, not 100% true but not 100% false

Let’s watch!!!


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