Lady Antebellum – Need You Know Review (Download MP3 & Lyrics)

Need You Now is Lady Antebellum‘s leading single from their topping second album, Need You Now. It peaked at #3 on Billboard Hot 100.

Lady Antebellum is awesome, Charles Kelley is great at verses, but his voice is kind of off at the last 2 minutes. Surprisingly Hillary Scott’s voice fits the song better than him, even her voice is kind of generic to these days singer (It’s clear I love Kelley’s voice more, but Scott’s also great). The song flows beautifully and enjoyable. The music is quite annoying when the electronic guitar starts tough. The rest of them is flawless.

Need You Now is simply beautiful, a great song to start your day 🙂

Download and view Need You Now lyrics below


One comment on “Lady Antebellum – Need You Know Review (Download MP3 & Lyrics)

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