Koda Kumi – Universe

Koda Kumi has just released her 8th Album, Titled ‘UNIVERSE‘. Her album has sold over 120,000 copies in first 2 days.

Step In To My World is a great, rockish opening track, another her best opening track since Black Cherry and Trick (Kingdom was horrible). Can We Go Back and it’s all Love are the only great tracks that made it to the album from her previous singles, it’s a cover version of Kelly Clarkson‘s song that was previously released as a bonus track for her latest album All I Ever Wanted. 2 new leading song has been selected for this album, SUPERSTAR and You’re so Beautiful. Both is an average track, SUPERSTAR is boring cute track that was delivered with crunchy acoustic guitar and another generic features. You’re so Beautiful is an slow-tempo song, it’s obviously boring and weak. Both tracks are similar and boring.

Still in boring zone, Work it out is boring, but it delivers a better feature compared to SUPERSTAR and You’re so Beautiful. Her 1st Ballad in this album, No Way. No Way is well electrized and the piano chiming is gorgeous, but her vocal is too weak in this song. Another ballad from this album Stay. It shows her feminine side, her voice sounds fragile, and the piano delivers a great winter feeling. But it’s still too weak and she doesn’t show us her talent in shouting.

Comes Up sounds great at the beginning to the end, it’s enjoyable and quite powerful. Eventough the verse is kind of empty it still works somehowly. Another great track, UNIVERSE. The title track is an upbeat track, it’s fresh and sounds new for her music’s typical. Great effort Kuu! Live Version of Moon Crying is gorgeous! Beautiful and Flawless! No more word!!

eventhough some new songs are flawless, but still her singles are a slight of problem! 3 Splash, Alive and 2 new songs. Kuu should maintain her quality IMO, she needs a change. or get a darker image, that’d be excellent.

Download Koda Kumi’s UNIVERSE album along with her 3rd Best album, third universe.


6 comments on “Koda Kumi – Universe

  1. sorry, actually i miscalculated, I didn’t count Moon Crying and divide it by 15, tupid me sory, hehe

    and about flotentity, It was promotional review, sorry I’m a fan after all, seeing how she does these days just makes me want to support her a bit, so i gave out 4,5 stars at the beginning and I’ve edited it. The album only sold 14K copies on the first day, I’m feeling like crying T.T

    thx for the feedback 🙂 anyway

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