How will BoA’s IDENTITY do!?


BoA, American-Japanese-Korean singer is going to release her 7th Japanese Album ‘IDENTITY‘. if she tops the chart, it’s going to be her 7th #1 Consecutive albums, which will make her as the only artist with 7 #1 consecutive albums in Japan (only behind ayumi hamasaki with 8 albums, she failed with her 9th album, GUILTY which was only peaked at number 2).

many people predicted that BoA won’t make it since faces a strong competition, FUNKY MONKEY BABYS. NINKI, Japanese prediction site predicted:
2010年02月05日 付
期待度ポイント 150.20
タイトル ファンキーモンキーベイビーズBEST
発売日 2010年02月10日発売

期待度ポイント アーティスト タイトル 発売日
82.30 BoA IDENTITY 02/10


Ninki was 100% accurate about her previous singles. But, NINKI only did a survey from Japanese audiences. they didn’t count online pre-ordering site. Since according to Wikipedia, Avex said that the pre-ordering numbers were numerous it jumps over 150,000 copies pre-ordered.

So 82.30 + 150.00 equals to 232.30 copies sold! YAY!! Go BoA!!



5 comments on “How will BoA’s IDENTITY do!?

  1. oh gosh i think she will hit #1, i mean she is really strong in album charts, and if 150,000 copies were pre ordered…

    that has to be an #1!!!

    haha i’m alright ` it was like months ago since i posted that weird post -o-

  2. I have a feeling she will be number 1. Especially if you want you say is true about the additional 150,000 copies. I hope so!! She really deserves it!! It’s a great album! I’ve pre ordered my copy on — have you? =]

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