Lady GaGa – Telephone feat. Beyonce

Telephone is Lady GaGa‘s 2nd single from her latest album The Fame Monster, Telephone peaked at #20 on Billboard Chart, The Music Video is still unavailable up to now.

Basically it’s not the best song from the album, the beat is typical. The verses are catchy but too generic, the chorus is weak as well, but it gives a great dark atmosphere to he song which is cool. And I see funny synchronization between Lady GaGa and Beyonce (mean they don’t synchronized well enough). Beyonce’s part is obviously sounds stronger but GaGa’s part still sounds great as well. What turned me into this song? The fast hooking part, that part is obviously stunning. Afterall this song is catchy and playable to all of the pop music fan. But it’s not her best up to date, this song will get boring easily, like two days and you won’t even play this song again, or maybe three or four. 3 Stars.




2 comments on “Lady GaGa – Telephone feat. Beyonce

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