BoA’s Remarkable Comeback

BoA, Korean finest singer, after tried her debut on the State. Finally made a comeback in Japan. With 2 leading singles, BUMP BUMP featuring VERBAL and まもりたい ~White Wishes~which was featured in infamous Tales of Series RPG game. She’s going to release a full-length album which is going to be released on 2/10 entitled ‘IDENTITY‘.

IDENTITY produced by BoA herself, it means IDENTITY is BoA’s first self-produced album. it contains 13 tracks with 2 interludes (means 11 songs).

CD+DVD Version of BoA's 7th Japanese album 'IDENTITY'
01. This Is Who I Am
02. EASY
03. BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL(m-flo)
05. interlude#1
06. is this love
07. interlude#2
08.まもりたい ~White Wishes~
09. ネコラブ
10. THE END そして and… (album ver.)
11. Possibility duet with 三浦大知
12. Fallin’
13. my all

avex has released 30 secs preview of each track, it’s available to download here,  according to the preview,  the album sounds mature and professional. So no more THE FACE’s cutesy image or such. IDENTITY marks as BoA’s remarkable comeback. taking ‘EASY‘ for the easiest example, it’s flirty and has a surprising beat that BoA hasn’t shown to Japan since LOSE YOUR MIND, the bass-drum sounds killing.  Another splendid track is ‘Possibility duet with 三浦大知‘ it’s a perfect duet, Daichi Miura which is featured in this song sounds almost like Ne-Yo (or any other American Hip-Hop Artists). not only dance tracks BoA has also done a vulnerable ballad track titled ‘my all‘. even though  it sounds generic, BoA ain’t being nasal anymore.

A bit reviewing,
BoA's 28th Japanese single 'BUMP BUMP!'

BoA’s 28th Japanese single entitled BUMP BUMP! peaked on #8 on Weekly Single Chart. Only sold 13,898 copies. The title song is an enjoyable dance track. I would give 3 stars for this song. For the B-side ‘IZM‘ even though it’s enhanced with BoA’s strong vocal it’s still quite poor, so 2.5 stars is fine.

BoA's 29th Japanese single 'Mamoritai ~White Wishes~'

BoA’s 29th Japanese single entitled Mamoritai, peaked on #3 on Weekly Single Chart. Sold 46,647 copies. Which is a great sign since BoA’s selling is keep dropping since Sweet Impact. Mamoritai is calming yet strong winter ballad, but her voice is a bit crappy here 3.5 stars should work it. The B-Side which is included for her 7th Album ‘THE END soshite and…‘ which produced by BoA herself is a mark of her come back. her voice is great, but the song is just too long and a bit boring. But technique is international-grade, 3.5 stars.

I see a light of hope for her 7th Japanese album. it’s her most mature album to date. I think it’s going to be great compared to her last album ‘THE FACE’. BoA is striking back with her short hair! Come top the chart once again BoA! LOL


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