REVIEWS! (and Download)

[SONG]Crystal Kay – Girlfriend feat. BoA

Album: CK10
Download: RADIO RIP @boajjang

Nice summerish instrumental, Crystal’s part is OK. BoA is too weak. the verses are filling so is the chorus. Nice cute song, kinda reminding me of BoA’s old songs.

[SINGLE] mihimaru GT – SWITCH

Just released today

SWITCH is a cute track, it’s mihimaru GT’s typical. The chorus is burning somehowly. Good track. Over Drive is cover version of JUDY AND MARY’s song. This song is basically good except miyake’s rapping part, kinda stupid.



One comment on “REVIEWS! (and Download)

  1. wahahaha “kinda stupid” xD

    i love the single cover! but it reminds me of ayu’s cover of some single..

    oh whatever hoho

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