Music updates

I’ve been away for ages, so I want to make an update BoA.

OK I haven’t been updating this blog since the releasement of I Did it for Love feat. Sean Garrett music video. So here’s the official video from BoAmusicUSA.

I love this music video, though some says it’s a combined version of Britney’s Stronger and Rihanna’s Umbrella. In fact I think It’s true, but I think BoA’s version is better with some high quality camera, Josep Khan recorded every single the water motion. And this music video is better at showing BoA’s dancing skill instead of Britney’s Stronger, Well no offense but I think I Did it for Love music video is hot. And Yeah the others Khan’s works that I like are Lady GaGa’s LoveGame, Britney’s Toxic and Womanizer. He got the talent.

BoA has climbed to 23rd Place of Hot Club Play of Billboard with I Did it for Love, and this video also one of the TOP NEW POP VIDEO from Billboard of course.

Last night BoA and Sean Performed I Did it for Love at VMA Japan 2009

The other artist who also performed are Ciara and Justin with their ‘Love Sex Magic’, Green Day with their fresh ‘Know Your Enemy’, Katy Perry with ‘Hot N Cold'(Duh-_-‘), Black Eyed Peas with their #1 hit ‘Boom Boom Pow’ and many more.

and on this late June BoA will be performing at SF Pride, Lady GaGa was discovered since her ‘LoveGame’, ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’ and of course international hit ‘Just Dance’ performance on this event last year. And this year’s main star is BoA, she will be performing at the Main Stage. So here Lady GaGa’s performance

SF Pride is event for Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals for a note.

Back to Japan, BoA will appear on Crystal Kay’s 10th Anniversary album ‘CK10’ with smashing hit ‘Girlfriend’ it simply talks about girls’ friendship. Here are the previews

Oh yeah forgot to mention BoA’s 3rd English single is ‘Energetic’ YAY!
but I think IDIFL hasn’t got enough attention, I mean I Did it for Love is just to good to skip you know?

Oh yeah I’m in Live with Lady GaGa LOL


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