BoA‘ is BoA‘s 1st US album, which released on March 17, 2009. It succeeded to appear on U.S. Billboard 200 on 127th Position which is pretty great for a new comer, She also topped U.S. Billboard Top Heatseekers (Pacific). It also appeared on the 8th place of Best selling in Music best sells of Amazon.com


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Review & Lyrics


I Did It For Love Feat. Sean Garrett

Catchy scary laughing as the opening works pretty much, fast verses and hooks. The repetitive chorus is just so clever. It won’t easily get out from your head. The fast beats is so danceable, the background music is well-synthesized. Her electronized voice also sounds pretty necessary when Sean’s part is too. The bridge is dominated by Sean when BoA’s part comes with club-like bass-drum beats. It’s a great opening when it will give a feel that the rest of the tracks sound pretty hot. It’s an addictive track.


Catchy synths, fast and catchy verses are so cool, basically this son targeted to be played on the club, so it’s pretty influenced with bass-drum in some parts, the chorus is quite repetitive when you won’t find any change in every single chorus. It doesn’t sound boring, though. It’s probably one of the best tracks from this album with a messy-professional touch when you find the verses, choruses and hooks are pretty randomized (if you listen to it carefully you won’t find it as a randomized one). An outstanding track.

Did Ya

Funny opening, catchy though. The first track that shows BoA’s real power. The lyrics are funny. It’s a one plus point. The instrumentals are heavily influenced with oriental feel which brings a unique feel to this song. The beats are simple, acoustic guitar played fast. The bridge is damn catchy. And the chorus ‘shoulda shoulda’ part wont easily get out from your head either. I found myself singing this song all day long. Anoher great track.

Look Who’s Talking

The background music is heavily synthesized, the drums pounding strongly. Electronized verses, Catchy chorus, and slightly different bridge which brings unique blend to the song. The composition is pretty boring since there’s not any changes in the way she sings the chorus. If she brings higher note at the last chorus it will be great. The lyrics are hot. A grower song

Eat You Up []

Catchy opening beats, as you know her voice is pretty robotic here, but I get used to it now, and no offense it’s so catchy. The verses match the background main beat well when the chorus sung in airy voice. The bridge is hot and delivers us to the last great chorus. The repetitive chorus used to be one of my favorite quote LOL. I still like this song like what I did.

Men’s hhh-ing on the background helps the heavily synthesized so much at the beginning. The main beats are heavily synthesized when electronic guitar also necessary. All of the part in this song are catchy, the verses are hot that she added some pressure on her voice when she says ‘Night and day..’ and the ‘Love love love’ part sounds extremely promising. The chorus is so enjoyable and I love the bridge also. It’s so strong and catchy. A powerful track, you will like this song when you like Rihanna’s Disturbia.


The most professional track in this album. The opening part is the catchiest opening in this album. I found an opening is a necessity to make people to hear to this song. The orgel part is catchy and so are the synthesized and electronized instrumentals. The verse is strong and I like it even more than the chorus. She sings it in a right composition when she varies it with strong, sexy and airy voice.The hook sounds so perfect. The chorus is catchy but not better that its own verse in my opinion. And she dosn’t sound like herself in the chorus, they have changed the her voice, but I still can clearly hear her voice on the background The bridge is kind of out of tune but still delivers well to the last chorus, unnecessary though. Cool track.


Scary Lyrics, that’s my first thought. Dark instrumentals and quite danceable which brings a cool feeling. I feel her rock-edgy voice in the verse. The hook served with sexy airy voice. The chorus is strong and sexy. Though, this song doesn’t have a bridge. ‘Flesh and Bone Uh, You’re gunna bleed’ DAMN HOT LOL. A cool track

Girls On Top

I like the original version more, the lyrics remind me of High School Musical. Though the arrangement is great but seill her voice is slightly weaker than the original version. And new cool rap too Haha, I’m not going to be detail on this song.

Dress Off

Catchy opening, great short verse. Flirting voices and Hot additional on the chorus. The instrumental is put this song overall better. The bridge has slighlt grow on me. Partially the ‘Me, me, me’ part builds the last part to a better state. A hyped up track.

Hypnotic Dancefloor

Cool Opening, Simple beats pounding and wonderful synth mix well, She added sexy additional to her voice, she adds Uhh in every single sentence-ending. The chorus served very hot, with so many varieties. The bridge is damn cool with men’s voice added on the background, the rhyming sounds so catchy, Another high quality track.


BoA did a great third debut, Though there’s not any ballad in this album (which she good at) I found all of the tracks are enjoyable, danceable and I can sing along to it. No more words, just GREAT ALBUM! For whom loves Britney Spears, Rihanna or any other Dance Western singer, this album is hugely recommended.


6 comments on “[ALBUM] BoA – BoA ‘US DEBUT ALBUM’/’THE FIRST ALBUM’ (Review+Download)

  1. i’m crazy in love with Touched and Hypnotic Dancefloor so much!!

    eh-ma-gawd, I think this album is really great. love all the songs. love it. One of ‘MUST-BUY’ album.

  2. i did it for love doesn’t include the michael jackson laughter in the beginning of the song. i bought the album so trust me.

    and look who’s talking deserves 5 stars because the lyrics is really hot. i mean “champagne caviar/ hot boys at the bar are looking at me” and “fast cars and bubble bath/ high heels stepping on the gas” are reason enough to justify the five stars.

    and she doesn’t sound like herself in the chorus of touched. seriously.

  3. overall, “BoA” is a really hot dance album.
    and it totally kicked utada’s frikkin’ ass. utada hikaru’s new US album, this is the one, debuted at #178 on the US billboard 200. but i do like come back to me.

    Go BoA!!!

  4. well…

    gee its soo hard for me since I’m hikki and boa’s fan..and bought both of their albums.

    but Hikki’s album only released digitally now so I guess when it got physical released it will go higher..

    Hey are u planning on giving a review on Utada’s album? I guess not eh?

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