[ALBUM] ayumi hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL (Review+Download)

NEXT LEVEL is ayumi hamasaki‘s tenth album, it was released on March 25, 2009. Its first week selling succeeded appear on the 11st spot on the highest first week selling all the time.

01. Bridge to the sky
03. Disco-munication
04. EnergizE
05. Sparkle
06. rollin’
08. Load of the SHUGYO
09. identity
10. Rule
12. Pieces of SEVEN
13. Days
14. Curtain call


Bridge to the sky

Calming interlude, mixed well with dance materials, Sounds so positive and inspring. With such a cool title but it turns to an interlude? Disappointing. A great song though hahaha.


Calming summerish instrumentals, piano and acoustic guitar are well-combinized with the synths. The verses sound optimistic but still quite cheap in my opinion. The hook is great and the chorus is great, but not as catchy as usual, it’s groovy yet calming. The best part of this song is the instrumental.


The best interlude, brings a cool feeling. Nice compositions


I was like wah.. ayu uses English! LOL The instrumentals surely leading to a dancing R&B tunes, hand clappings are cool, she uses too cute and weak voice in a such song. The verse sounds pretty cheap and so the chorus is, the best part is the hook I think. A generic track.


A club song that influenced with rock instrumentals, her voice is heavily electronized. Nice drum beats that mixes well with the synths. The chorus is good, The ‘No no no’ part is pretty catchy. A hot dance track that uniquely served with electric guitar shades.


unnecessary opening, her voice is messed up, they electronized it up too much, The chorus is catchy but it’s too weak for ayumi’s standard. The instrumentals are cool and well-synthesized. Nothing is really outstanding in this song.


The best track in this album, an uptempo ballad with optimistic tune, perfect instrumentals that give a oriental feeling, Strong hooks and chorus, the chorus sounds so matured and well-grown. Great Track

Load of the SHUGYO

Nice Interlude, with cool effects and nice electric guitar.


A dark opening that gives us a guilt feeling. It’s kind of remind me of is this LOVE?. Generic verse. Cool Electric Guitar. Catchy rock chorus that give only a little breathing room. Her voice is strong, another great track


Catchy rock song, with heavy crowded instrumentals, the verses are generic and too electronized, but they remove the electronizing voice right in a great moment, perfect synths. Chorus is cool, but pretty weak for hear standard. Flirty additional that she adds sounds hot. Bridge is cool and delivers it to a great last chorus. Well-deserved.


Amazing instrumentals, majestic orchestral. Another Rock-influenced track. Unnecessary counting down part. Rapid fire verse sounds quite enjoyable. Great hook and powerful chorus, nice vibes as well. The track ends non-sense-ly LOL

Pieces of SEVEN

Unique interlude with many varieties genre in a track. sounds kind of stupid though.


Nice winter ballad, the verses are filling. Calming piano on the background. Strong chorus. I don’t really hear to it now.

Curtain call

Quite piano, simple instrumentals, like her previous HEAVEN. Simple beat and singing, great vibes. Sounds so dramatic and brings up the sad atmosphere, an epic ballad by ayu,

OVERALL: 4.3/5

A great album, she wants to try R&B but her mainstream is still rock which is great. Too many interludes! Kind of disappointing. But still an enjoyable album


CD 1 []
CD 2 []
Credit: Cloud_Honey


8 comments on “[ALBUM] ayumi hamasaki – NEXT LEVEL (Review+Download)

  1. well, I’ve heard the songs and I think it’s (sorry for Ayu fans) not one of her best album after all. kinda boring.not good enough. but I love the instrumental like Disco-munication and piece of SEVEN.

  2. My favourite song in the album is Sparkle. it’s a good record, and rule sucks.

    and what’s up with the overwhelming number of interludes(okay, it’s only 4 but it’s still a LOT for an album with only fourteen tracks in total while most of them had been released as singles previously!). i mean, most people would buy her album to listen to her voice and not some random pieces of intrumentals mixed together.

    and i have to say the new materials are not very good. the album sounded rushed and all over the place.

    ayu is trying to re-invent herself but failed miserably. i’d rather listen to “BoA” or “circus”.


  3. I think it’s safe to say Ayu ended her career with Secret. Guilty was OK…but Next Level made me shudder. I was extremely disappointed. Besides the four singles, the ONLY song on this album worth listening to is Curtain Call (which blew my mind away!). Meh, I’m not really looking forward to any new material from her. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a big fan of Ayu, but I haven’t really been impressed with her work since Secret. Maybe me expectations for her are too high?


  4. I like this album , and as the title said “NEXT LEVEL”, I think Ayu sure wants to develop her music after her 10 years career in the industry. Sparkle is sure a SPARKLE single that made this album surprise me 😀

  5. I liked most of the songs on the cd.

    Energize I really like; however, something just seems a bit off. It should have been a little faster or a little slower to find perfection.

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