[SINGLE] BoA – 永遠 ~ Eien (Review)

01. 永遠 (Eien means Eternity)

This song has grown into me since the last time I reviewed it. Simple instrumentals, unique piano and westernized men chorus mixed well, It’s a good up-beat ballads. fast verses are so danceable, filling chorus but served too weak, the bridge is obviously a bit too weak and too simple though it delivers us to a catchy last choruses. After watching the Music Video this song just grow on me in no time. This song is just different.

02. UNIVERSE feat. Crystal ay & VERBAL(m-flo)

Obviously the catchiest song in this single, Cool raps are delivered very well, BoA’s part is slightly weaker than Crystal Kay’s. And Kay oversings BoA in some parts. The chorus is damn catchy, served quick and groovy. 12 12 12 part is just a necessary additional, BoA’s part on every single chorus is sexy (how she sats BESTaaa, HEYaaa. OK That’s hawt). VERBAL’s part is just groovy. The point is all of them sing it in absolutely right way. And it makes it even catchier than ever.
I love this song even more after watching the live performance.

03. Believe in LOVE feat.BoA/ravex (Acoustic Version)

Simple guitar, angelic voice, rapid speed. The high pitches are gorgeous, though there’s something makes me think the original version is better: The Love, love love part is computerized, dear God it’s an acoustic song. Another high quality addition for a single.


A quite good single, and it’s a unique combination to put all not pure Japanese blood in a song called UNIVERSE, BoA is obviously pure Korean, VERBAL is Korean Japanese while Kay is obviously not pure Japanese. This single is rock my sock


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