[ALBUM] BoA – THE FIRST ALBUM ‘BoA’ All song preview (Download) + I Did For Love MV Preview (Download)

DOWNLOAD LINK : HERE provided by: BoA_rocks_in_English

A bit reviewing here, I’m not reviewing Girls on Top though, Hypnotic Dancefloor is catchy and hyped up Love this track, Look Who’s Talking, He he he I loved this song since the first time I heard it from the live rip, though this version is sexier, Obsessed is another Bossy from Lindsay Lohan I think, though this one is a bit Disturbia-ed, Scream is just like her previous DayDream, with slightly better effect and instrumentals, Touched, I don’t konw is that her voice or not!? Did Ya rocks my socks! It’s strong and fast, the real BoA we know Yah! Dress Off is a sexy track though, the chorus is! Energetic is the second Britney’s Gimme More LOL hahaha Love all of the previews!!! XD

Love it when find it not all of her track edit her voice, It shows the real her.

I Did It For Love MV Preview (Download)



9 comments on “[ALBUM] BoA – THE FIRST ALBUM ‘BoA’ All song preview (Download) + I Did For Love MV Preview (Download)

  1. gimme more is better than energetic.
    and britney spears co-wrote look who’s talking, but she scrapped the song out of her album circus.

    the album sounds promising though.

  2. 1. Did Ya samples Haley Bennett’s Buddha’s Delight from the movie Music and Lyrics starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore

    2. Energetic sounds very unenergetic…

    3. Scream… i can’t put my finger on it, but I know another artist sang this song.

    4. I think Hypnotic Dancefloor is one of the best songs, but I hope these snippets aren’t from the final XD

  3. @Jefry LOL I know none of song in this world would beat Gimme More in your mind LOL

    Scream is so addictive, Hahaha

    my faves are Did Ya, Hypnotic Dancefloor and Energetic

  4. Scream was from Monrose’ Scream a german 3 girl group, and daydream was also a remake from monrose’s scream

    the person who produced Obsessed also produced disturbia so that’s why it probably sounds the same lol.

  5. Hayaaa…
    Long absent 4 past few months…
    I’ve been sick for the past 2 months *sigh*
    Sleep on the bed & do nothing *sigh again*
    How you’ve been doing Fred? Great? I believe so!
    Back to the topic…
    It’s a very promising album, though I’m a little bit disappointed bcoz there’s no ballad song…
    I’ve PO this one & I wonder why this album is, I could say very cheap compared to her Japanese album, which made me almost kill myself every time I decide to buy one…

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