[SINGLE] BoA – Eien [永遠] (Double Reviews)

Hi All, it’s one of my special post, because I’m going to do double reviews, so the reviewers my cousin named Jefry and I, it will be slightly different reviews since our tastes of music are way so different.

I will go first

Fredy’s Review:
begins with soft pounding drums, soft chimes, also soft piano, so the composition of the music is basically soft but the drums make it slightly sounds like a western ballad, this song is well westernized, The verses is pretty filling and catchy, she sings with airy voice which is pretty weak but still quite enjoyable. The chorus is extremely westernized, with men’s voice at the background. The bye-bye part is catchy and not repetitive. the bridge is the worst part, it sounds cheap but it successes to deliver this song to its last chorus, since I found the last part of the bridge sung with strong pressure. It gives us a fresh feeling without knowing what do the lyrics mean. A catchy track anyway.

Jefry’s Review:
Hey guys, it’s my first review here. I won’t describe the details of the song since fredy had done it earlier. He always wrote great reviews and he’s a HUGE fan of BoA. All in all, 永遠 may sound like your typical upbeat ballad, but its lyrics, which is probably the strongest suit of the record, are bitter-sweet, personal and mature.

“From the palms of my hands
my sadness poors out in large drops, “My Love”
Tonight in this town
I think I’m the one who is crying the most

Because you loved me
I could become who I am now
Wind that carries time,
Somehow, bring back the eternity from that day
Bye Bye Bye…
Why did you say bye bye bye”

Well, i find 永遠 a great comeback from BoA as I don’t find Vivid and be with you. enjoyable at all. I love the rapid-fire verses (the words roll of your tongue perfectly), and its mature sound. I might compare the song to some of Mariah Carey’s song Bye Bye and Don’t Forget About Us. These songs carry bitter-sweet lyrics and optimistic tunes.

The song is not without its flaw though, I was expecting a stronger voice (like a higher-pitch voice) toward the end of the song but I guess BoA and the producers thought otherwise. In a nutshell, 永遠, BoA’s 27th Japanese Single, is a fresh and experimental song. An improvement from her recent releases.

He He He… I will re-review it after the whole things are up.


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