Hey, are you wondering why I re-review this album? Because many Hikki’s fans dislike my previous review. And I’m trying to re-tell this album in different point of view. I’m telling you I don’t hate Hikki, why everybody judges as Hikki hater? LOL I like her.

01. Fight The Blues
They put pretty much synth in this song, and some soft percussion also sounds good. It begins with pretty catchy chorus. This song is calming, not only calming it’s somehow-ly burning. The song suddenly changes its instrumental into darker pounding synth with many back vocals. Her voice is gorgeously controlled in the chorus. And I love that SHE RHYMES! Oh My God! LOL We fight the blues, I hate to lose, reminds me of Anna Faris in the bunny house LOL. The only thing I dislike is it’s not sung in powerful pitch. It will sound better if she put more power in it.

I appreciate the hait hait part at the beginning more now LOL. Just like the previous track, its synth is calming. And the calmness stay alive along the song plays. Soft drum also build the beat up. There’s not a big difference in power using. She used airy voice instead of power. It’s good actually, and I love her voice control. The sexy whisperings also the part I love pretty much. Hehehe

03. Beautiful World
To the third track it’s still a bit calming, but suddenly they add upbeat drum beats and soft grand piano. It’s sung in airy voice. It’s kind of surprising that the verse is totally different with the hook part and so is in chorus part. The verse is slightly slower and calmer with more emotional way to sing. The hook is filled with piano and drum and she sings it pretty good while it’s leading to a good chorus. To be honest the instrumental in chorus part sounds so similar in some adventure game that will hook your fire up. Everything is good, but I think the verse is plainly give me ‘too long’ feels that bored me pretty fast. But still has it own good aspects.

04. Flavor of Life-ballad version-
Begins with calming piano, orchestral and soft airy voice. It sounds great how she jumps from airy to not. The chorus will stick in your brain easily, and it’s not repetitive at all. After the first chorus I found something annoys me. The verses are too low and I don’t think I like it. Her voice sounds so masculine there. But hey, the lower the verses get, the more dramatic the chorus sounds. Even though the chorus is not that powerful it still sound a bit well-delivered. The bridge is the most important aspect in ballad song to deliver it into a dramatic last chorus. But I can’t find the bridge in this song is that good, it’s pretty weak and the instrument doesn’t help at all. Though the improvisation she does sounds pretty promising. After all it’s not hooking me to hear it again though it’s good.

05. Stay Gold
Still another slow beat song. Begins with repetitive piano that will not easily go out from your brain. The chorus is sung with airy voice, and it sounds weak but I found it quite enjoyable when I first listened to it. The verses are so short, and the hook part flows so boring and not filling. The last chorus is pretty different with the rest. A weak track after all.

06. Kiss & Cry
Shocks me pretty much, the beginning is like what? So different from the previous tracks, it’s an upbeat song. It’s a dance drum beat, with some effects from oldie instrument, the verse is pretty boring. The hook part served pretty different it’s a repetitive hook, then the chorus is so short and pretty powerful, but it’s not that catchy. She uses Engrish (English that changed into katakana form in Japanese). The bridge is failed to lead us to the last chorus, because I find that it jumps pretty far. Another weak track.

07. Gentle Beast-Interlude-

08. Celebrate
The intro part’s instrumental reminds me of BoA’s cosmic eyes. And it’s pretty cool verses, it’s sounds so techno. While she sings the verse, the instrumental fills us pretty much. The hook is so catchy that it delivers us a great chorus. And I gotta say that I love the hook more than the chorus. It synthesized well after all. A cool track.

09. Prisoner Of Love
Definitely the strongest track from this album, the piano and the drum make this song sounds dark which is different from the rest of tracks from this album. The verse is so emotional. Then the hook makes it even better with strong voice and building orchestral. The chorus is so catchy and powerful, that I don’t need to explain it lol. The bridge also sung well and the orchestral things lead it to wonderful dramatic last choruses that sung in a very great voice change. The best track in this album definitely. That’s why they make a re-cut single.

10. Take 5
I love how the song begins, back to the firsts, it’s calming and airy. The synths freshen our ears up. The hook is even catchier and it leads to such a relaxing chorus. I respect this song more now. And I love the way she vibrates her voice in the hook part. A high quality track.

11. Boku wa Kuma
A very simple song, the piano is sweet. The lyric is light and served cutely, Her voice sounds so gorgeous in this song. This song is cute to the extreme and it’s simple, nothing much to say. Love her voice in this song.

12. Niji-iro bus
Another cute track, the chorus is catchy and filled with piano. Cute drum beat also support this song pretty much. The verse is quite boring. The hook changes everything it sounds so serious unlike the cute chorus, but it ain’t bad at all. I respect this song more now.

13. Flavor of Life
I love this song more than the ballad one, it’s faster and the verses are not too low. And I feel this version is livelier. The chorus sounds more powerful with some electric guitar and orchestral stuff. Everything is stronger than the ballad one. And it matches the title more Flavor of Life.




2 comments on “[ALBUM] UTADA HIKARU – HEART STATION (Re-Review)

  1. but overall still the same right? actually both of Celebrate and Flavor of Life are 4 and half, but the stars just wont show up, so I put 5 for FoL and 4 for Celebrate

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