[SINGLE] ayumi hamasaki – GREEN/Days (½ review+Lyrics+Translation+Download+MV)

ayumi hamasaki‘s 44th single. it will be a double A-sides the first A side is GREEN which is a either or ballads or an upbeat and influenced with Chinese music pretty much. The second one is Days, a very winterish ballads, actually this single will sold more than stay with me LOL. There will be released in 4 different versions. GREEN/Days CD, CD+DVD and Days/GREEN CD+DVD. The packaging will be done like the previous Mirrorcle World. each version will contain 2 different 10th Anniversary songs. The GREEN one will contain re-sung TO BE, and the Days one will contain her old re-sung ballad LOVE~destiny~. This single will be released on 17th December, a week after Koda Kumi’s stay with me due the competition, though I’m sure ayu will surpass Koda Kumi’s stay with me.(Sorry Kuu’s fans, but it just my tought)


01. Days
03. LOVE ~Destiny~ [10th Anniversary ver.]
04. Days (Instrumental)
05. GREEN (Instrumental)
06. LOVE ~Destiny~ [10th Anniversary ver.](Instrumental)
01. Days PV
03. the making of Days

02. Days
03. TO BE [10th Anniversary ver.]
04. GREEN (Instrumental)
05. Days (Instrumental)
06. TO BE [10th Anniversary ver.](Instrumental)
02. Days PV
03. the making of GREEN

½ Review

Why I call this as ½ review? It’s so obvious that the 10th Anniversary tracks haven’t leaked yet, so I’m just reviewing GREEN and Days. Here we go

It’s so unique that the intro attracted me since the first time I heard to this song. it’s so influenced with Chinese musics (ot the modern one but the old one which is so strong and cool). It’s also supported by some soft orgol voice at the beginning, she also put quite a right voice pressure into the song! The chorus is so great that she combines old Chinese and modern song. I don’t know it’s a ballads or not, since it sounds dramatic or what. but love this song she got the aspects! The bridge is left empty without her voice but the Chinese instrumental just go even wilder leading to such a very great last 2 choruses.



Just like the other winter ballads, the instrumental is like all the small bells ring and some other Christmastic Synths. It starts pretty silent and turn to some shocking sounds. The verses is not that filling but the hook, the hook part just so great to lead the way to the chorus. The chorus is so emotional just like her other ballads. Actually this song is not a big change from ayu, everything sounds similar with her CAROLS, but with slack in emotional aspects. Just like GREEN, the left the bridge without her voice but some Electric guitar, it sounds similar to my favorite ballads all the time Meri Kuri!! YAYness. Well, pretty humble song, but sure catch my attention pretty much, no one can do as good as BoA does in singing Ballads. LOL




She recorded the this PV in her tour stop,  Shanghai, China. I thought it will had me WOW-ing when it releases. OK the budget is high and the quality is wow. But! he scenes are stupid! What the hell? She sings GREEN while walking so fast with some high chin. God that’s so out of place and age LOL I mean it should be more dramatic just like the song. And then the part three girls walking behind the stage is just so random. And the worst part is she sings in the stage with out of place white dress!? It’s good actually if she doesn’t wear it in this PV. and she dances!? what the! Suddenly she changes to better to a Shanghai outfit which matches the concept. OK, she wants to beat Koda Kumi’s TABOO and put weird lesbian scenes dancing on the stage! Argh! the ending is good LOL



God! I got the concept of this PV! So Sad, there’s some scenes that (I think) it’s ayumi’s vision which some of them are kind of blurry coz of her tears (not the scene they shoot her big eyes). It tells about unreachable heart. the story flows so clear just like her fated PV. but this one is better because ayumi is not rich in this PV LOL. everything is just so good in this PV. the settings etc. GAHH how could that boy (her dancer) betray her!? and who the hell that hand behind the wall. If I were the dancer I won’t pick any girl to betary ayu except BoA LOL. Her crying scene is so touching LOL. And she is so cute AGHH! This PV is good though the budget seems lower than GREEN.


Downloads, Lyrics & Translation




GREEN | Days
credit: Cloud Honey, x-x_eternal_x-x


GREEN | Days


(credit to masa)


The brilliant trees standing in the cool air
Are losing the colors as if hiding themselves
Just like me who is afraid of the warmth
Keeping myself away from anything leading to hope

The smiling face of that person
Looks dazzling and so tender
I’m afraid I might show my weakness
And start crying

* I noticed this love
The moment my fingertip touched his
And my feelings were
About to flow out

I wonder why it’s difficult for us
To walk as we wish

Actually I’ve always
Realized for sure
But I turned my eyes from the reality
And denied the truth

** I’m staring at my dear person
I might tell him
Of this feeling
Around the time the wind changes

* (repeat)
** (repeat)


Each word you casually exchange with me
Is so precious treasure to me
But I myself feel a bit embarrassed about it
So you would surely laugh at me, if you knew it

* I want to see you, I want to see you
I want to hear your voice at least
And I sometimes call you with no special reason

My heart becomes so warm
Just because you are around me
I have just one and only wish
Can I stay loving you for ever
Just like this?

I’ve known for a long time that you have precious one
Because your smiling face is telling of it

Though it’s true I spend some nights
Feeling so sad
And feeling a tightning in my chest

** My heart has the meaning to live
If only I think of you
I expect nothing special from you
Can I stay loving you for ever
Just like this?

* (repeat)

My heart becomes so warm
Just because you are around me
I have just one and only wish
Please let me I stay loving you

** (repeat)


10 comments on “[SINGLE] ayumi hamasaki – GREEN/Days (½ review+Lyrics+Translation+Download+MV)

  1. ahaha the way u describe the PV green is so funny XD
    I thought the brown dress she wear is close to her make up and skin color..she look like a brown statue in the beginning…but she is soo pretty~

    you just suddenly came back w/ so much stuff…did u wrote them in one day ? O_O

  2. ….previous comments about homosexuality… But in traditional chinese plays or operas, a girl wearing a guy’s suit plays the role of a guy. And about ayu’s apparently overdone gestures, I think ayu has done a great job portraying Shanghai girls during that time!

  3. I’ve watched GREEN MV and I think it’s way to far from the meaning of the song.don’t really like the MV, though.I’m so curious with DAYS!I haven’t watch it yet.

  4. I got days okay but I really don’t understand the PV for
    green :S
    where can I get the DVD+CD of Days/Green online? for Canada.

  5. 😦
    You missed this sentence in the translation 😦
    The last one.

    futatabi mebuita kigitachi ga irozui tara
    ima yori sunao na egao misetai

    Can you translate it for me? I dunno Jap. 😦

  6. Yeah, Green was weird/lesbian like. Liked the opening with chinese dragon dance, felt like authentic old china. then ayumi comes strutting like some diva. And the gross lesbian drooling scene was urgh. I like Days though, ayumi looked super cute, and she looked convincing crying. the PV was touching.

  7. I personally loved the lesbian theme, seeing as how it was not conventional. You guys should open your eyes, there are lesbians in the world– shocking, I know. It wasn’t gross.

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