BoA – Look Who’s Talking Life Perf.

10 secs PREVIEW

2 fancams

God This song gonna be hit! Unlike Eat You Up, Look Who’s Talking sounds more filling and powerful! Yay can’t wait to leak and download it *Evil* Hey! I’m buying her album! LOL BoA! YOU ARE THE BEST!


2 comments on “BoA – Look Who’s Talking Life Perf.

  1. OMG, her dance move is so cool!I can’t hear the song, though. ha ha ha. too crowded and too much screams in there.
    by the way, i’ve seen the Fan Reaction of BoA live in MTV TRL. they’re so crazy! even there’s some guy tried to dance like her (BoA), singing Eat You Up, and some woman said that she just sent her (BoA) a birthday cake. whoaa

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