[ALBUM] Koda Kumi – TRICK cover

CD+DVD Cover

I’m looking forward for this album! The cover is wow except the other one is like so humble. The 2nd one is what we call with cover! ahaha Bat Man got a new enemy LOL


15 comments on “[ALBUM] Koda Kumi – TRICK cover

  1. awww i’m so excited , just a view days until it comes out *.* ❤
    but the cover.. hmm…
    i don’t know.. i think she doesn’t look very pretty
    but i think she IS very very pretty, so i wonder what they have done to make her look that way Oo

    (sorry for my bad english)

  2. sold appox 90,000 copies in two days…i hope it sells more.

    this is like my favorite album form her…driving is amazing!

    is her popularity really declined due to that controversy? …

  3. ha ha ha yeah Circus is pretty catchy for me, I liked some of the songs.
    But Im not a fan so say wtv you want. I’m telling you Jefry is a HUUUGEEE fan of Britney so watch out LOL

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