[SINGLE] ayumi hamasaki – GREEN/Days (Preview+News)

(Haha for the pic above) ayumi hamasaki, is going to release her 44th double A-Sided single. Days/GREEN Available on 4 different version such as Mirrorcle World. Each version contains 2 different re-sung song, TO BE and Love~Destiny~. It’s soing to be released on 17th December. Here is the Tracklist:

Days/GREEN (both CD and CD+DVD)

01. Days -original mix-
02. GREEN -original mix-
03. Love ~destiny~ -10th anniversary version-
04. Days -instrumental-
05. GREEN -Instrumental-
06. Love ~destiny~ -instrumental-
01. Days -video-
02. GREEN -video-
03. Days -making-

GREEN/Days (both CD and CD+DVD)

01. GREEN -original mix-
02. Days -original mix-
03. TO BE -10th anniversary version-
04. GREEN -Instrumental-
05. Days -instrumental-
06. TO BE -instrumental-
01. GREEN -video-
02. Days -video-
03. GREEN -making-

GREEN preview

GREEN itself is influenced by Chinese music pretty much which makes this song unique and good! I love the preview!


11 comments on “[SINGLE] ayumi hamasaki – GREEN/Days (Preview+News)

  1. merlin pants, her face is so red in first picture.she looks great on make up, I think.
    but I love the second picture!is that for the new videoclip?wow.
    I think the song will be great.

  2. she looks kinda pretty? I duno she always looks so graceful and queen-ish, this pic gave me more down to earth feeling lol~~~

    that song is so good!

    and did u see BoA’s new smexy pic?I bet you will love it and treasure it and put them under your pillow…

  3. god i cannot stop look at that funky ayu..I think that picture looks..really feminine and beautiful??

    I must be sick…gaaaa

  4. lmao what the hell?? That first pic of her is so bad but so funny xD!! I already pre-ordered the single so I can’t wait to get it ❤

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