Get Eaten By BoA!!! + New Vidoes!


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Diane Martel’s MV Scrapped & Eat You Up Rankings

With Intro

Without Intro

BoA‘s US Version of her music video “Eat You Up” was released yesterday by SM Entertainment. This version, which was directed by so called famous director, Diane Martel received very negative reviews on Youtube and many other video sharing sites. Thus, it seems SM Entertainment decided not to use this after a days worth of bad comments. Today, changed the Korean version of the music video as the (A) version. The only full music video posted on this site is the Korean version while the American version remains only as a teaser. Also, the 1 minute introduction which was previously on the American version of the mv to introduce BoA to the US Market was pasted in front of the Korean version. Hence, this helps us conclude that SM Entertainment scrapped the American version of the MV once and for all to ensure BoA’s success in the US. Great news for BoA because she still has a fighting chance with Cha Eun Taek directed Korean music video!

For those who have not purchased BoA’s song Eat You Up yet, please do so at online stores across the world! Amazon provides DRM free mp3 files of the song, and iTunes is another great choice! Go get your copy now!

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3 comments on “Get Eaten By BoA!!! + New Vidoes!

  1. O_O?what happened? the place suddenly quite down??

    I bought Eat U Up from Amazon~
    gee..what’s the point of having a itunes gift card but the computer is too old to download new itunes…

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