[SINGLE] BoA – Eat You Up (Special Review+Lyrics) + The Recording Video

The best part of this song’s instrumental is the bass! many people said it’s a big change of my beloved BoA, but this kind of song? BoA has tried with similiar Bad Drive, but Eat You Up is slightly more westernized (OF COURSE!). And the lyric is just so generic for western music. The man’s voice at the beginning also help her to build this song up.

The way she sang the verse part was pretty cool but way too robotic and it makes her accent even worse, take a note the lyrics is too short, The one with slightly longer (You look so tasty I could Eat You Up Alive) sounds so hot ans sexy!. The chorus is bloody hot and so is the bridge! It’s totally addictive and blows me away the first time i accessed it on her MySpace(Or Here). The synths also perfect in this song. The beat is like crazy! It’s so catchy that I can memorize it so easily. God it’s like her biggest come back after slacking in music industry Go BoA T.T



Originally Eat You Up was going to be released digitally today (7th October). But it delayed to 21t October due the strong competition (maybe) with Britney Spears’ Womanizer and Christina Aguilera’s Keep Getting Better. Both Britney and Christina have been a rival since their debut. So Christina’s fans asked her to delayed or wtv (I don’t really know sorry)to the same date with Britney’s Womanizer.

Me Against Offenssive comments to Eat You Up!!!

They Say: Eat You Up lyrics is sexual!
I say: C’mon, It’s western song. It’s even cleaner from britney’s songs, how could it arroused them?

They Say: Her Accent is teribble
I say: I found some responses that say American leave the accent behind while they’re looking for a great beat. And just like what I’ve mentioned above, The lyrics is way too short, so she sang it like a robot.

They Say: Korean/Japanese Britney Spears
I say: WTV!? so Britney is American BoA!? Totally stupid. I think it’s a pleasure to be praised like that,, as long as I know Britney is a good singer and famous in U.S.


So When she was in Thailand she recorded Eat You Up!? DAMN XD

Lyrics :

When I first saw you I knew nothing’s like it used to be
Boy you have got to be the finest thing in history
The way I feel inside is just so hard to understand
You’d be my appetite in ways I can’t explain

*I’ll eat you up
(No, no, no, noo)
I’ll eat you up
(No, no, no, noo)
I’ll eat you up
So yum yum
Can’t get enough
(Woah oh oh)
I think I’m in love

If you move any closer boy there is no guarantee
What I will do to you I fear it and it’s scaring me
Like I’ve become some kind of demon in the night
You look so tasty and I could eat you up alive

Repeat * x2

Can’t stop thinking ’bout all the things I wanna do to you
If you move any closer you’d be asking for it too
I want your love
I need your touch
So much I think I’m in love

I’ll eat you up
(No, no, no, noo)
I’ll eat you up
So yum yum
Can’t get enough
(Woah oh oh)
I think I’m in love

I wanna take you to my room (I’ll eat you up)
Wanna take you to my room

I’ll eat you up
So yum yum
Can’t get enough
(Woah oh oh)
I think I’m in love

(I’ll eat you up)
(I’ll eat you up)
(I’ll eat you up)
(I’ll eat you up)


38 comments on “[SINGLE] BoA – Eat You Up (Special Review+Lyrics) + The Recording Video

  1. I finally hear this song; full version!
    well I think it’s a great song with her amazing voice, but I think they put too much effects on her voice, especially on this part:
    “If you move any closer boy there is no guarantee”

    “Like I’ve become some kind of demon in the night”

    but I love the bridge so much!!yeah, although the effect is a bit weird in the end, but I love it!!

    start download!

  2. I totally love this “Me Against Offenssive comments to Eat You Up!!!” part Fred! XD
    Just say I’m a BoA fanatic or somethin’…
    I don’t care anyway…

  3. 1 more thing…
    There’s no ‘ALL’ in this “Can’t stop thinking ’bout ALL the things I wanna do to you” part…
    Fix it Fred…

  4. I like the song

    I seriously think she lost her identity as the young BoA after OUTGROW album , but I began to love the new BoA, she is mature and sexy now~

    Lol dont be mad,,,,I love her and will buy the single, since its so much cheaper. Jpop single costs to much..

  5. Well, when u sing this song. Dont read the lyrics on my blog. Haha
    Xd im not sure bout it yet hahar how bout the review?

  6. Ok 1 more thing i havent explained in my review, i love the way they gave effects on boas voice. Its so cool. And the longer this song plays, the song just getting better. Im so into it

  7. I LOVE “Eat You Up!” It SOUNDS like an American song, ya know? But not in the bad way. XD

    BoA has talent and now that talent will be recomized by yet another country! Though, I do have a question: Has anyone heard the song on the radio since it’s release? O.o

  8. Hmm, I’m just sick of Americans media who always compares her with Britney Spears or else…
    Plz, BoA is BoA, Britney is Britney…
    And about her accent…
    I think it can’t be helped, since English is new to her…
    She still has her Korean accent, while she’s already speaks Japanese fluently…
    But I think it’ll be gone, slowly, but sure…

  9. When will the official MV be aired anyway?
    Damn, I even haven’t got her THE FACE Tour DVD…
    Now this…
    Damn damn damn…
    So many release lately, don’tcha think?





  11. 1 of the country is japan, and she talked something about pv. I dont understand coz its in japanese. Hanes translate it please

  12. Ehhh, nothing special actually~
    The main thing is she said that the single will be delayed until October 7th and in Japan October 22nd~
    Don’t tell me u ask me to translate the whole page~

  13. Korean version full MV is out at youtube now!!!

    its so hot, and after watch the MV i believe..its gonaa be a hit..

    U.S favors pop/ dance now..those techno style..

    she is just so beautiful..there is no comparison to any other artist in SM..they are just too plain compare to BoA..lol sorry too hysterical..

  14. Yesh! Ive watched the mv! God it looks so crazy. Love it! But i cant post anything new coz im using my phone to browse this blog

  15. eat you up has already been released in itunes and amazon!!!
    promote it now, fredy!!!!

    make a “download day” entry!

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  17. The song will not go far in U.S. for several reasons

    I agree with prev. postings they mixed her voice way to much sounds nasal and digitally processed. Her voice needs to be more organic America is where R&B/pop began and the music is more gritty.

    I’m familiar with alot of Korean pop performances and her synchronized stuff is all the same. Put similar outfits on her back up dancers and she would look like one of the “wonder girls”

    Although Brittney is gone Miley Cyrus will command all the sales she is looking for in the U.S

  18. I don’t think that you can put this song and Miley Cyrus in the same category. deffinately not the same genre. but hey, i’m biased because i love BoA no matter what language she’s singing in. but her video is sweet and i think that it will grab a lot of attention.

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