[SINGLE] BoA – Eat You Up (Download)

BoA, has finally release 2 different teasers for her debut in US. it titled Eat You Up that gonna be released as a digital single on 7th October. And her full length album will be released next year. Both teasers show us a very powerful and energetic just like the old her. This song grows into me very easily. Though her pronunciation in verse sounds a bit amateur. But the quality is totally great since this song backed with so many creative hands. She fell down the stairs and injured herself. BoA’s doctors say she will fully recover within six weeks. And her injury will not affect her work schedule.

After watching this. Oh My God!! I love her music more!! It’s so addictive. More teasers from her American Official website. VISIT and WATCH more

Download MP3 : BoA – Eat You Up

credit : Chemical XYZ


60 comments on “[SINGLE] BoA – Eat You Up (Download)

  1. damn,,,

    that is so hot… haven’t seen any singer like that thesedays… btw she just gotta go with that B version,, A version kinda sucks… too underground musician like

  2. It seems so awesome. I’m hooked already.
    If it reaches us here in Canada I’m going to go crazy. xD Thanks for the MP3 teaser.

  3. Don’t know why, but i feel that BoA wasn’t ‘made’ for this kind of music, so i don’t feel a thing after i heard the teaser…
    I prefer some kind of pop or ballad stuff…
    Anyway, she’s injured (again)…

  4. LOL, I don’t think so! Hanes after heard it twice I directly fell into this song. Gosh! right now..I’m listening to it and it eats me up LOL

  5. I’ve already written a post on what I think about this. I CANNOT WAIT to see if she impacts England as well… It’s possible!

    Thanks muchly for the download 😀 I was looking for this.

  6. ‘You feed my appetite in ways I can’t explain’
    LOL, sounds a little weird XD
    Anyway, I wouldn’t care if the full PV is great~
    Time to go to bank to out some cash XD
    Will u buy the single Fred?

  7. wahhh guys don’t bash DBSK please…

    i agree with everyone on the teaser B, i like it better ^-^

    as a REALLY big fan of BoA i’m curious to see how america is going to embrace her as an actual artist and not “an asian trying to sing in english”

    seriously i want asians to make a big impact here in the american music industry. utada hikaru tried in 2004, but the expectations weren’t even met halfway.

    and another thing, LSM usually says these types of things whenever the artist is present, like if DBSK is there, he’ll say “SM is nothing without them” and the same thing with BoA. but we shouldn’t rely on his words just to make sure that the artist or artists are amazing. what matters is our own opinion and we all know BoA is the greatest right??

    BoA and DBSK are, to me, the biggest stars in all of Asia, and i’m not just saying this as a fan of both, but seriously, look how many records they’ve broken, how many records they’ve set, their album sales, and their popularity in japan just furthers this.

    it is about time that BoA makes a debut here anyway. she conquered all of asia, bring on america ^-^

  8. O.O DANG BOA haven’t seen anything from her in a while but omg love her style here

    Version B looks so much better though =___= Why do they have to give us version A~~~ why~~

  9. Gosh The more I listen to it. The more I believe that she will make it. XD God!! I Eat You Up! Yeah!!
    Hmmm. And Hell!!

    I will def buy this single if I can. I can’t find any american single in Indonesia.. If one of my nice reader is going to buy it for me I will hug him or her to suffocate LOL

  10. What’s with the hate on DBSK? But then again, probably because DBSK do have huge popularity these day…I don’t think BoA is going to have huge impact on America even though I am SM supporter, I just don’t think she will have any mainstream effect on American market.

  11. it sounds like the video versions are completely different videos- they are listed with different directors and one is labeled the US version and one the Korean version. such a shame because the 2nd version is far superior to the first. ideally the two would be interwoven in the editing room…

  12. I luv both Boa and DBSK, so plz dont get me wrong in anything I say.
    I am hooked to this song already, and I’m sure gonna what ever, she comes up with, since I’ve always been loving her music. I personally think all of us Boa fans will support her as much as we can, but to be honest I think it IS a new style she’ve chosen, BUT it’s nothing like the American musicians… or what Americans listens to. Why do we listen to Asian music? Because it’s different, right? So we wouldn’t want her to sing like every other Americans, but at the same time her korean style, hasn’t got much of a chance in the US.

    I must admit, that I admire DBSK for one more special thing than their music (this could change though)… and I’m not talking about their looks 😛 It’s the way, they have SOO many fans even in EU, US etc. and still sticks to their thing. They are not one of the kinds, that gets into the business, and the first thing they say is: “we wanna make it in US”. This Boa didn’t do though… but I’m talking about a lot of new comers.

    I also want to ask you guys something, to be sure if I’m the only feeling this way or not. Don’t any of you feel like having a special interest, if you are not East-Asian yourself and maybe don’t even speak their languages, but still listen to their music? So, when they get to the US, like Rain, now Boa, maybe Se7en too… you feel like “suddenly they are not a special interest anymore”, cuz now EVERYONE knows them, even the ones, who would maybe have hated listening to Asian music! It’s like, inside you DO support them, but also have a feel like losing something precious!

    I dunno… but anyway. She should take the path she wants to take 🙂 So of course I’m happy for her! Can’t wait till the actual song, comes out.

  13. I agree with kitzutsuita, its bad that someone give us the free links to download this song. Okay I shouldn’t say anything I have already download this song but I will buy the freaking single anyway hell yeah. I must have it

  14. The Single doesn’t even come out until October 14th digitally… so chill on that. I’ll probably buy everything she puts out in the US just like I did for Hikki, because she’s going to need it, especially with that wack assed “A” version of the video they produced for the US.

  15. eat you up’s release date is pushed back.
    SM’s probably afraid of the competiton from britney and christina aguilera.
    i mean… hey, it’s britney bitch.

  16. Hahaha, u seems to be very upset about recent leaking events Fred XD
    But yeah, plz respect her~
    Leak it everywhere after it’s been released~

  17. i want to cry T.T and it’s delayed! LOl and right Britney’ Womanizer is way to strong for an unknown artist like BoA the newcomer LOL

  18. just downloaded MP3 from iTunes. I know that many/most of you probably have free version, but with 99 cents please support her. the lyrics are obviously whatevers, but the beat is top quality! her success might lead american music label makers to consider other asian artists more seriously (such as wonder girls, rain, etc.). GO BUY MP3s!!!

  19. ma name is pinky from SAUDI ARABIA ..
    i luv boa s much this song “eat u up”
    is the best song i ever herd so good luck BOA INanather secceed song 😉

  20. I really disagree with JEFRY..
    SM entertaiment is nothing without boa and DBSK, and the other stars,, they’re not a rival but a family,,so don’t make they(DBSK and BoA) become a rival!!..please…,,

  21. i don’t think that boa bit DBSK pleas…just compare
    their lives no one can’t bit DBSK…. i like boa
    but i’m in competele disagree i agree with DBSK lovers…
    jejejej but i still think that DBSK iss better ^_^

  22. êêêhhhh \õ/
    música mais perfeitaa *.*
    amoo muitoo
    viciei tanto que já sei até dançar a coreografia ^^
    amoo muito >_<

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