BoA officialy to enter U.S. Market! + NEW SINGLES

In a recent press conference held by SM Entertainment today on September 2, officials stated that BoA will be releasing an album in the United States and enter the US music industry. In another press conference titled Best of Asia, Bring on America which will be held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul, BoA’s plans for the US market will be revealed.

The slogan Best of Asia, Bring on America, which is an acronym for “BoA,” will be used to most effectively join the US music industry. SM will set up headquarters in the US to aid BoA in this process.

Fredy says : Oh My God!! I can’t wait for this! I’m so excited!! hahaha will there any re-sing Korean or Japanese song? LOVE IT SO MUCH!!


Koda Kumi’s 41st Single「TABOO」2008/10/08 Release!

About four months after MOON, Koda Kumi is back to show a danceable R&B tune. Her 41st single is an R&B-flavored dance number. The single will contain a remix, making it a total of two songs in five different versions.
The DVD will contain an MV in two different versions with a powerful dance
performance and a photo slideshow loaded valuable shots.


mihimaru GT’s 18th Single「幸せになろう」(Shiawase ni narou)
mihimaru GT will provide the theme song for a new dorama on NHK called “Shanghai Typhoon” (上海タイフーン). It starts on September 13th.

The single will be released on October 22nd – CD only, or CD+DVD.

RUMOR : BoA’s Japanese Single on October!!


15 comments on “BoA officialy to enter U.S. Market! + NEW SINGLES

  1. news!!

    ahh..finally its official,

    but i think she should really really practice her english..

    her english is..bad..

    good luck to BoA

    and I hope her new single will be a suprise!..I want a dance track..

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  3. Hope she will make it, cause as far as i know, the only asian singer who can make it in USA is just Coco Lee…

    Ganbarimasu BoA!!!


  4. ^
    lol i know~

    hope she does is no problem..

    all i really worry is her english…

    it feels werid she keep expanding..korea-japan-now u.s

    her japan popularity is decreasing..and now she move to u.s

    i hope SM is not planning to just make money out of BoA…

    and i love her in korea…

  5. hikki’s u.s album was really a failure..except her japan fans suporting her…

    she sang “do you” with ne-yo. was really good..

  6. @Glassmask: Yeah, I totally agree with you that it’s a bad time to move away while her popularity in Japan and Korea is decreasing…

    I don’t know what’s in in her management’s mind…

  7. ^
    I’m thinking they try to make money out from BoA before her popularity totally runs out..cuz korean album seelings are so low same to japan, its like moving to another home/job

    plus BoA want to study aboard, since she missed it..

    wahaha but she made plenty of money alreadi..

    but I really hope her U.S debut is going to be a hit.

    Fredy dont get mad …
    I love BoA,too..

    you love her more i understand…wakaka

  8. lol hahahah
    SM is pretty sly then after reading all your comments lol
    but her Japanese popularity it’s not that decreasing since many people freely download her song from internet without buying her single/album and her stuffs seems leak so fast!
    I think she’s still popular there.

    Last year I heard many BoA’s songs get played in Japan such as Love Bug and Meri Kuri (I went to Japan last december)

    and her Live tour was crowded right?

    and I think the slogan is not corny but OK lol
    so after america what? Africa? Australia? since both Africa and Australia begin with letter ‘A’ and could be added to her acronym 🙂

  9. wahaha yes!

    she is entitled” oricon princess”..this year!
    BoA is very popular…

    africa!! wakaka~
    I duno…i’m anticipating her new album though~ see them at the store ..i def buy it!

  10. lol BoA’s u.s debut: eat you up
    on youtube now…

    i duno, she improved soo much and her dance is amazing!
    but the american version look s so cheap, but the korean version is sooooooooo cool!!!

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