JEWELRY BOX~blog mascot~ & 2 covers out!


Hi, I’m introducing this blog mascot! Here is his profile!

Name : GAPPY
Age : Unknown
Gender : Male
Hobby : Singing, complaining, expressing his expressions
Adrress : Manga World
Favorite Colors : Black and White
Favorite quotes : Gyaaaa!, My name is Gyaaa-pi!

That’s it! If you want to know more just ask here ^^♥
GAPPY” was created on 10th August 2008. His name was originally Happy, but I mistyped. LOL Well I love GAPPY more than that so normal HAPPY. GAPPY will be appearing in this blog whenever he wants.


The cover is so normal, I don’t intend buying one if I only looking for a cover.But The trailer is crazy hot!
18 seconds | 30 seconds

ayumi hamasaki – A COMPLETE~ALL SINGLES~

And Hell! Ayu’s A COMPLETE~ALL SINGLES~ covers have come out, the first one is the 3CD onoy and the 2nd one is +DVD. I’m totally waiting LOL. Yhe thing that will only make me buy it is “THE BOOKLET” I’m looking for it! It’s good or not!?


7 comments on “JEWELRY BOX~blog mascot~ & 2 covers out!

  1. woohooo, huraay Gappy, so cute!!!welcome Gappy!!

    I’ve watched the preview of BoA live Tour. BoA looks so cool on there. when she’s pointing and the light just moving straight, followed her hands. cool!

    Sweet niblets, the cover of A COMPLETE~ALL SINGLES~ is so DAMN-COOL!God, love the cover so much.

  2. 1 word to explain the 5 minutes-preview of BoA THE FACE LIVE TOUR : SPECTACULAR.

    sweet niblets, Girl in the Mirror, Sweet Impact, Best Friend (BoA cried while she’s singing this song), Quincy, Dakishimeru (the lightning is so W-O-W).love it!!you should see!

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