[ALBUM] Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION~Do Me More & Sexy Girl~ (Review+Lyrics)

Hey! It’s been a week since I updated this blog last time. Now I’m gonna review Namie Amuro’s 2 new songs that included in her best album, BEST FICTION. Titled Sexy Girl & Do Me More.


Sexy Girl
Gotta say the instrument is DAMNED HOT! It begins to shake my brain off since the first time I heard it. But, I don’t really feel this song. The chorus is catchy but not as groovy as the instrument did in this song. It’s good but she put too much pressure on the chorus, I hoped for some sexy airy rap instead of this kind. The main problem is she left the verses alone, without the chorus this song is totally boring! Well, the bridge is kinda weird and they put some dancy instrument alone that worth something more than her part. This song is kind of reminding me of her what a feelin’ but that song was better.

Do Me More
The intro is unique and kind of spooky but slightly changed to something that sounds similar to her HIDE & SEEK which I love so much. The verses are sung sexily-boringly as always, OK that’s Namie’s Trademark for me. But, when the song reaches the chorus, this song changes into a very catchy hot dancy tunes. After that they put some synths in it. The bridge is sounds similar to My Sister’s favorite dance tune “Madonna’s 4 Minutes”, only the instrument I think, the fast sexy boring rap amazes me as always. Then back to the chorus, gotta say this song is enchanted with such a good Chorus, Love it so much!

You shouldn’t miss her BEST FICTION, I’m buying it too. I’m looking for her MVs and her dances. Hahaha what’s more 17 songs with 17 Music Videos. I’m not giving a 100% accurate score because I haven’t heard all of her song in this album so I’m giving 9

I tried to Upload the mp3s but Media fire is on maintenance now… to bad


And here is the Lyrics : Namie Amuro – Do Me More & Sexy Girl


13 comments on “[ALBUM] Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION~Do Me More & Sexy Girl~ (Review+Lyrics)

  1. no…It’s actually 300k (you missed one 0 glassmask ^^) It is expected that it’ll break 500k sales by this week…so good luck namie-san! I hope it would sell a million! yay!!

  2. OMG..it sold 664,111 copies on the first week..

    hope it continues to sell like that..

    japanese likes to buy best cds…

  3. lol, as far as yesterday, he sold 698,198 copies fr the week. jus 2000 copies short of 700k! and shes number 1 on teh United World Charts! 😀 and just today afternoon, i finally got the CD! it takes a hell lot of time to reach India. I LOVE U NAMIE!

  4. 😀 anno! there are quite a few fans here, but i know most of them! lol. actually, im pretty sure there are many more cz when Do Me More was released on Youtube, it received an honour(out of like 15) stating it was the #12th highest viewed video in India. i was soooooooo FRIGGIN HAPPY. it gave me so much more hope that she will definitely come here to perform. i hope she does! btw, within 3 weeks, Best Fiction has sold 1,095,000+ copies and its number 4 on the World Charts and #1 still on the Oricon Charts 😀 love u Namie!

  5. omg…still chartings..

    it beat Hikki’s heart station already..

    not sure if ayu is going to best namie..


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