[SINGLE] mihimaru GT – Naki Natsu & Suki Natsu (Review+Download+Lyrics)

mihimaru GT with SOFFet – Naki Natsu

Tracklist :
01. Naki Natsu feat. SOFFet
02. Koi no Kakuritsu Handou
03. Naki Natsu (Instrumental)
04. Koi no Kakuristu Handou (Instrumental)

Naki Natsu is mihimaru GT’s 18th single featuring SOFFet, it released on July 2nd and peaked on no.7 of Oricon Chart. Naki Natsu is a summer-ballad single just Like Koda Kumi’s Moon Crying. Well I loved mihimaru GT’s more than Koda Kumi’s.


01. Naki Natsu
The piano as the beginning is smoothly leads us to enjoyed mood. I love mihimaru GT’s part so much here! Well SOFFet is not bad but the one with no rap kind of annoys me at the chorus part (well, just a bit) but his voice is enjoyable. Miyake’s combination with rap-guy from SOFFet is very good. Hiroko’s part is so sweet at the chorus. Now about the instrumental, the piano, orchestra and synths that backed this perfectly combined. I do enjoy the combination of great instrumental and the groovy compilation between mihimaru GT and SOFFet. After all as a mid-tempo ballad, Naki Natsu is damn good and not boring at all.

02. Koi no Kakuritsu Handou
Well, since the beginning of this song I was surprised when the first time I heard it. The echoing part is super catchy and the instrument is slightly different from the other mihimaru GT’s song. About the song, begins with very catchy chorus that only sung by Hiroko. This song also shows us the very hot rap combination between Hiroko and Miyake in rapping! They put so much synths here, well… crazy! I also feel the drum’s and bass’ soul here! Overall this song is damn cool and it can’t be called as a B-side! Ahhh love this song so much, makes me wants to sing and dance! Two thumbs up for mihimaru GT since they haven’t released anything that bored me out this year!


SOFFet with mihimaru GT – Suki Natsu

Tracklist :
01. Suki Natsu feat. mihimaru GT
02. Movie Star
03. Suki Natsu-radio edit-
04. Suki Natsu (Instrumental)
05. Movie Star (Instrumental)

Suki Natsu is SOFFet’s xxth single featuring mihimaru GT. It released on July 2nd, and peaked on no.xx of Oricon Chart. The only reason I listened to this songle is mihimaru GT, but I never regretted to listen to SOFFet, they are good. Suki Natsu is a perfect song for a fun summer.


01. Suki Natsu
180 degrees different from Naki Natsu, Suki Natsu is a very catchy up beat song. The verses are all well-filled with very great raps and the chorus is slightly brings less power but totally enjoyable! The drum takes the lead role in this song’s instrumental. Though the Orchestra and the turntable also existed everywhere in this song! Well, this song is bloody-perfect! A wonderful summer song!

02. Movie Star
The Instrumental catches my attention so much. Though mihimaru GT didn’t sing in this song, I still enjoy this song. The piano and drum catch my attention instead of the other instrumental used in this song. The song is so fun that the instrumental changed just like in a movie. This song sounds so enjoyable and cool though this song loses to Koi no Kakuritsu Handou a bit.


My Guess is, SOFFet is a bit sly that they used this chance to release something like this with mihimaru GT who is really exist in J-POP world this year. Well, kind of mean for me to say ‘sly’, OK ‘smart’ is damn better! Hahahaha, Both of this single is invisible. Who can avoid to not listening to these songs? None I guess Hahaha so both of this singles are hugely recommended!


Download :

Naki Natsu | Koi no Kakuritsu Handou | Suki Natsu | Movie Star credit ♪ Mattjon

Lyrics :

Naki Natsu, Suki Natsu & Koi No Kakuritsu Handou | Movie Star


11 comments on “[SINGLE] mihimaru GT – Naki Natsu & Suki Natsu (Review+Download+Lyrics)

  1. ///the girl is sooo cute and pretty..and nice voice,too…

    their songs are nice..I love Giri Giri hero the most..-0-

  2. all of the songs are great!!first song that catch up into me is Koi no Kakuritsu Handou. there’re some Hiroko’s voice says “kyaa” “kyaa” “kyaa”, yeah some kind like that. her voice is surely cute!!!

  3. OMFG…the mihimarise is growing into me!!!

    the girls voice is like around my head when i sleep…

    i esp love lovesick..so good~@#$@#$

    ..ok bye bye

  4. yeah, Mihimaru GT is great!!

    haha, yeah,my bad.ha ha but still, it’s catchy!

    (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince trailer is coming out!!woooohoooo!!!!)
    *so excited*

  5. oh oh your nicknam eis potter freaks!~~funnie~

    I knoe its amazing..I cant wait for the movie to come out!!!~~~

  6. Well, Hanes.. both of that song work on me 🙂

    and glass mask.. yeah agree they are so MODERN i guess LOL Love sick..

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