OPTIONAL BOX~Where I’ve Been~

(Alert! Don’t read if you don’t want to waste your time! But Ignore this alert if you’re curious)

Hey finally I’ve done with this post! Before surf into the main topic I want to apologize about Jewelry Magazine. I’ve done like 75% but It was planned to be released last month, so the topics in that magazine have been off. So I decided to make yearly not 6 monthly magazine. Sorry for everything before hahaha back to the topic. The reason I was away for 3 weeks is this: I’m learning Mandarin for my future. Because, the only thing I can see from my future is still a twilight. It was boring, hard, fun and meh… LOL My Class contains 1 Teacher and we called her ‘Lao Shi‘ means teacher. She is young so the subject wasn’t that boring. And Introducing my 3 cousins The Ice Cube, The Rocker and The Bunny (Well, It’s not their real name). They also in my class, it makes me feel pretty old. But Guess what? The other students were older and much older than us YAY! LOL

I’m going to introduce and thanks my cousins and their parents of course for letting me staying in their house for 3 weeks. that sure boring for them -_-‘

My Uncle and Aunt have 5 children actually. But I didn’t take picture with the other one, but he will get an exclusive part here watch out.

I’m going to introduce now, The oldest sister The Ice Cube. Ice Cube? She’s an Ice Cube maniac, every time she drinks something she will go to the refrigerator and take ice cubes into her drink. It’s so ironic that her habit is very unhealthy. I’ve tried to be a preacher to her, but it’s ended -_-‘ OK I Gave up on her LOL. She also made me amaze by playing O2 JAM, she f*ckin’ good her hand moves so fast when she play it. I’m not good with something that moves so fast. And she still can say that she’s categorized as a normal one, not a special one. Then What’s me? Rubbish one? LOL. Personally she’s groovy and fun to chat with. She also has a ton of DAMN ARROGANT faces. I get to used see ot everyday LOL, she also can change her voice so quickly, for eg. (with lovely voice)”Ah don’t go upstair”(with scary voice)”Stop and come over here!” LOL I always laugh to it.

OK go the second child. The Rocker, Kind of confuse what should I named her, I decided to give ‘The Rocker‘ because she sings Rock n’ Roll Princess(Fullmoon wo sagashite’s Theme song) all day. And after I left their house I can even sing that song! Horrible isn’t it LOL. She’s kind of shy or what. but behind that shy expression she could gone crazy when she’s laughing. She’s also a clean-maniac, she scolds everyone who makes her manga collections messy, except me of course Mwahaha. She loves her youngest brother so much, and she expressed it too much -__-‘ LOL She kisses him everytime, hugs, everything la! Well whe often sings BoA song together as the world’s worst duet ever, in 3 weeks she became BoA’s Sparkling fan just like me Mwahahaha. In the holiday I made a blog for her, here’s the url http://fullbluemoon.wordpress.com/ I made the banner so you should check it out! Hahaha

The last girl, but not least, The Bunny. I gave this name in a speed of light. LOL Why? She’s a bunny maniac, Her friendster is filled with bunny thingy. I was kind o puzzled at the beginning but… for sometimes I went crazy with bunny too LOL well not bunny actually but the site where she took almost all of her bunny collection http://www.glitter-graphics.com/ Being her cousin for her whole lifetime. I just knew that she’s crazy. because she never acts crazy to someone who’s not that bonded. Hahaha I made many weird poses with her when We got spare time (Well We’ve got a plenty though). She loves to dance nonsense-ly. Funny though. Hahaha

Additional! 3 of them are Online game maniac. Ragnarok, AUDITION, etc. they play it pretty often. All of them also friendster maniac, everyday they open their friendster -___-‘ kind of crazy and whooo. And the most important thing is They all are BoA fans, I’m the one who influenced them with BoA of course!! XD I’m proud of myself. I also gladly give you their friendster address, make sure you add them, they love to be added LOL ( The Ice Cube | The Rocker | The Bunny ) (you should logged in maybe..)

The 4th son named The Big Eater is surprisingly ‘a very big eater’ he eats everything he wants. He’s kind of overspoiled by his dad. I didn’t really play with him anyway. The one I played a lot is the last children ‘The Baby’ He’s so cute to the extreme. He even has his own size broom LOL! And he’s photogenic! Hahaha He also loves me so much that I love him so much. I’m the only one who played jump and fly with him LOL. What the hell does that game mean? LOL simple he jumps on my bed and I lifted him high. Mwahahaha He always looked so happy XD Cute!

In the middle of our Mandarin learning weeks we went to mountain.

There was a very huge field. We can ran, roll, wtv you want say oh! I took so many cool picture though I can’t upload many of them Hehehe just private use only.

Near the entrance to this Field We stopped at a waterfal. I took a rainbow here!

I made up a story by picture I took (and my cousin too) here:

Just a note : The bridge I meant there is the one that connected with heaven LOL. Then after running and getting exhausted We decided to back to the damn hot hotel.


There was a traffic jam! It’s a worst I’ve ever had in my life. It didn’t move for over 1 hour and I was in car for over 4 hours! Good I can’t feel my leg. LOL but, We went out from the car in the middle of the road! Super Cool! Mwahahaha I climbed a little to a small river to pee Hahaha but (It’s pretty nasty so if you don’t want to read just ignore the gray lines) I saw a boy who was …shitting that river! DAMN! He’s in around the same age as me. And shame he’s with his father who was looking at his boy. Yuck, I decided to end it as quick as possible.

THE DAMN HOT HOTEL named ‘Seruni : The fountain Hotel‘ You can find a ton of fountains scattered around in his hotel! Cool huh!?
(Comment for the picture above : look at their hands! 1, 1, 2, 2, 2 and 3!? LOL We rock! And yeah I took this picture)

After a good night sleep, In the morning we went swimming, REMEMBER We were in mountain so the water was like 0 degree celcius in the morning. But we still swam! DAMN I felt like an ice cube ( Wonder will The Ice Cube eat me) when I tried to swim I still could handle it but, when I got up from water, the wind blew. So once I got my body out from water I should got my towel and shivering around LOL.

There was a very luxurious tanning place I would gladly tan here but, It’s time to check out.

Back to the reason why I was away for 3 weeks, my mandarin is now OK, Hahaah One of my friend named Sinic who had convo with me commented “You proud by counting yi-shi (1-10)” Kind of stupid or what but I’m proud of it Mwahahaha take that dude! Now I can speak with my Dad and Mum with mandarin though not rare I ended up nodding or shaking my head YAY Me rock

Thanks for my parents who paid for the course, Uncle and Aunt for let me staying for 3 weeks eating their food. and my lovely cousins! now we have somehow-ly strong bond don’t we? Hahahah also sorry for my uncle I killed so much mosquitoes in your house. But what can I do!? I should do it! LOL But thanks, after got home from your house I became a professional Mosquitoes assassin machine Gwhahaahah *laughs evily*

OK I’m tired of typing! Thanks for reading and lay your egg in my comment box! Hahah


9 comments on “OPTIONAL BOX~Where I’ve Been~

  1. wahahaha the big eater…the name sounds sooo funny ^o^

    the baby looks soo cute..it made me miss my little baby bro..his face looks soo small compare to the boy who is next to him..no wonder he is photogenic..a small face is the key..

    I guess I will never have a photogenic face..for my face is bigger than the adults’ since I was a baby..

    you had so much fun while learning..If my school can do that..I’d go to harvard…

  2. ha ha ha ha!!love the names so much!
    and the baby, so cute!! the baby expression is just the same with yours. ha ha ha, so funny!!

    ah, yeah, I’ve heard that name of hotel. Love the vacation place so much.it rarely to find some kind of that place in Indonesia.

    I laughed so much in “shitting” part. although it’s a bit nasty. ah, the traffic jam drive people mad, but your family kill it off, turning the damn-boring traffic jam into fun and funny traffic jam!the picture is so funny. ha ha ha

    I love the picture of rainbow in waterfall!!i’ve never seen rainbow in the waterfall before, so it’s kinda cool for me!

    ha ha,mousquitoes assassin machine!!

    then i’ll need your help to kill all mosquitoes in my house, there’s a lot of it.ha ha ha

    good to know what you were up to on holiday, dude.great review, by the way.

  3. -0- that’s you?…

    from the name i always thought you are a girl!!…so sorry!
    my apologies for the misunderstanding..-0-

    wahaha i play with kids today and get paid nice~ so happie…

  4. LOL.. boamyjewel rite, I think fredy is pretty burly enough -___- Mwahahaha and Kind of confuse u 1st visit, uoi read that My goal is to marry BoA ♥ could i be a lesbian lol >.< , and u said that u’re fullmoon, are you the earlier november1st?

  5. yes..I’m nov1st, cuz I think the usernam eis boring so I changed it..

    -0- you might be lesbian…I mean the world is complicated~jkjk..

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