Mid Year Ranks

Mid Year Rank should be done a month ago, but due to that damn mandarin course I just got time now! I made 3 Awards; Best 5 songs, 5 singles and 5 albums. All of them are produced in 2008. Each award will only contain artist’s best. So you won’t see two same names in 1 award (for eg. 2 BoAs in 1 TOP 5 singles be with you. and Vivid) it won’t ever happened here. But before that I will give song stars update
BoA – Joyful Smile
ayumi hamasaki – Life
Namie Amuro – what a feelin’
mihimaru GT – ALIVE
Koda Kumi -Once Again
There’s some songs that attract me more due to my taste that could be change when I hear a song more and more. But the more I listen to ALIVE and Once Again I just found more negative points in that songs.
So here is the ranks!

Top 5 songs

Top 5 songs | BoA's Jewelry Box

Sparkling totally blow me up! And so do the rest. All five songs above are hugely recommended. Both Sparkling and Mirrorcle World have very excellent instrumentals that I love. Both also have strong aspects everywhere. Tokyo is very cool and groovy! Well it’s not dancy or what but it’s so enjoyable! I do enjoy this song so much. That Ain’t Cool is cool! LOL its sexiness and FERGIE are thumbs up! BLACK DIAMOND is still good though has a bit bored me down.

DOWNLOAD : 5 Songs Sample

Top 5 Singles

Top 5 Singles | BoA's Jewelry Song

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve fell to Life that what makes Mirrorcle World won. Though Vivid has Sparkling and Joyful Smile, they lose in number. Mirrorcle World has its title to play with Sparkling, Life with Joyful Smile, Depend on You with Kissing you but YOU has no competitor. Koda Kumi’s MOON’s quality just decreased in my ears because of Once Again, and I think Moon Crying already a bit boring, good song shouldn’t be easily bored me. Giri Giri HERO’s Koisuru Kimochi is a bit boring though I loved Giri Giri HERO and BOW WOW SYSTEM GO. Namie’s 60s70s80s only powerful power is what a feelin’ for me, both Rock Steady and New Look is OK, just OK.

Top 5 Albums

Top 5 Albums | BoA's Jewelry Box

The ultimate battle between Artists, and the winner is BoA’s THE FACE with so many, wait it’s all of the song in this album is good though there’s a song or two in mid quality. The first runner up is mihimarise, just like THE FACE a couple songs in mid quality. GUILTY is super cool except GUILTY itself, it’s not bad but don’t really suit my ears. The Singles from fakin’ pop were good but the rest of the new songs are not that catchy, but not all of it. The last is HEART STATION, kind of confused cause I’ve never liked this album, I just listened it for maybe three times then I go with new fresher songs.


3 comments on “Mid Year Ranks

  1. Whoaa, dude, I agreed with you ’bout sparkling!it blew me off a lot. greaaat song!!
    well, Once Again isn’t really a great song, it’s a bit boring, actually.

    thumbs up for the review!

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