[SINGLE] Koda Kumi – MOON (Review)

MOON : 4 elements is Koda Kumi’s 40th Single was relased on 11th June 2008 that peaked on the second position in Oricon daily chart. It’s her 1st single that contains 4 songs after FREAKY. FERGIE and PUSHIM (Japanese reggae singer) also participated in this single. FERGIE wrote That Ain’t Cool featuring herself. PUSHIM participated in Once Again.

Tracklist :
01. Moon Crying
02. That Ain’t Cool feat. FERGIE
03. Once Again
04. Lady Go!
05. Moon Crying (Piano Version) [FIRST PRESS]
06. Moon Crying (Instrumental)
07. That Ain’t Cool feat. FERGIE (Instrumental)
08. Once Again (Instrumental)
09. Lady Go! (Instrumental)
01. Moon Crying (Music Video)
02. That Ain’t Cool feat. FERGIE (Music Video)
03. Moon Crying (Making Video)
04. That Ain’t Cool feat. FERGIE (Making Video)
05. Moon Crying (LIVE Kingdom Tour) [FIRST PRESS]


01. Moon Crying
I love the beginning of this song, the piano is WHOAH! Blow me away. The verses are well-filled. The chorus sounds so tragic and touching. The instrumental also did a good job on building a strong chorus up. But except the piano, the rest of the instrumentals leave the verses alone though it’s so good when it reaches the chorus part, but I think they should put more orchestra in it’s verses. They put so much glittery voice in it. Although I’ve never really loved Koda Kumi’s voice, some of this song’s part touches me.
() **
02. That Ain’t Cool feat. FERGIE
Well, I think this song is my favorite song from the whole single. It’s sexy! And I love FERGIE’s sexy voice in every part, in the chorus ultimately! The problem is Koda Kumi who tried to sounds sexy with her English. Well it’s not bad, but I think It would be better if she do rap in Japanese! That Ain’t Cool! LOL I loved her previous Japanese rap. About the Instrumental, well this hot and sexy song filled with very very cool synthetics. I found a miss-placed glittery chime. Well it’s not annoying at all. I love the lyrics and this song also ends with sexy eastern music style! LOVE IT!
03. Once Again
The least best song in this single. It’s a reggae song. But I think her voice just won’t calm us down just like the other reggae songs do. Some pressure she did on her voice is annoying. My favorite part from this song is when she sings “Once again, once again” part. She did a good vibrating there. And I love the popish reggae combination in the bridge part! It’s a good but not a great song.
() **
04. Lady Go!
I love songs that begin with catchy chorus! Lady Go! Has that element in it. She sings a cute verses, it’s not boring at all and it also leads the song into a good chorus! It’s like the 2nd version of BoA’s Sparkling, though BoA’s is better LOL. The Instrumental is damn cool! I love every single of them! Drums and some soft pianos, the synths are also sounds super! But when I try to listen it over and over it sounds quite boring but still enjoy it.
() **


MOON filled with high quality songs! Well it’s Koda Kumi’s single that always amaze us with such a unique concept. I love this single!

Hey!! I’m come back!! Xd I’ve been away for 1 month LOL!!
BTW This Review has been done like 1 month ago LOL~


5 comments on “[SINGLE] Koda Kumi – MOON (Review)

  1. not really found of Koda but good review!
    I got to play with the rainbow stars again..

    -_-, I was really really moody the other day, I guess ppl like me in that circumstances are hopeless..ya whutever, I’m always moody when I’m mad..and I feel mad when I’m feeling moody

    I went to california! my beloved piece of land..with mickey mouse and ocean..and now I’m back at the mountain..the boring boring temple..

    How is mandrain??? ya thats sooo cool..and sooo hard…

  2. I’ve heard this single and it’s great! That ain’t cool instrumental is so great!!love it so much!
    But i don’t really like Once Again, i think it’s a bit boring, actually.

  3. Ahhh my mandarin is still suck… one of my online friend teased me..”you proud by saying 1-10 in mandarin!?” Hahaha of course i’m proud of it..
    BTW thanx for the compliment Hehehe Moody..wait dude or gal? tell me!? Hahaha

    play with the star more often !! XD

  4. …dude or gal…I guess both >_<


    come to think of it..what boy would name himself Fullmoon..

    OMG summer vacation is almost over! I promised myself to do things and I didn’t even complete one..

    I miss california badley..one week since I gone..feel like homesick..

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