[ALBUM] Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION (Tracklist)

Tracklist :
01. Do Me More
02. Wishing on the Same Star
03. Shine More
04. Put ‘Em Up
05. So Crazy
06. Alarm
07. All For You
08. Girl Talk
09. Want Me, Want Me
10. White Light
11. Can’t Sleep, Can’t Eat, I’m Sick
12. Baby Don’t Cry
13. Funky Town
14. New Look
15. Rock Steady
16. What A Feeling
17. Sexy Girl

Fredy said :
“Well why only single collection!? I hoped for Hide & Seek and BLACK DIAMOND to be included but 😦 Well I loved the cover! and 2 new songs (Do Me More & Sexy Girl) have leaked onto internet on 1st July). It’s going to be released on 30th July. I’ve been looking for the DVD which also contains 17 Music Videos, Greatness…”


7 comments on “[ALBUM] Namie Amuro – BEST FICTION (Tracklist)

  1. should include “come”..such a sweet b-side of so crazy..

    Namie is sooo beautiful! I know Black Diamond should be there!!

    hope it sells a million..

  2. not only the voice..and also her beautiful face in the MV…

    she looks sooo fine~>_<
    like I said..I can go Bi- for her..if she doesn’t mind..T_T

  3. I’ve heard Do me More and Sexy Girl, both of them have great instrumental.two of them are catchy song. but I love Sexy Girl!great song.

  4. Namie looks soo sexy in her new vidal sasson cf..sooo pretty..th eprettiest showgirl ever~!

    namie kinda sounds bored in her songs…like..no emotion..but I still love her!

    she looks soo pretty..O_O

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