OPTIONAL BOX~holiday~ -Heey!!! Sorry for the absences!-

It’s me Fredy! I’ve been offline for a while and Yeah I’m in my holiday spending time by learning mandarin! (it damn suck) it will be 3 weeks. Well Now I’ve passed 1.5 weeks so… 2 more weeks I will be updating dearest blog! XD Thank you! XD And sorry Love you all !! XD ( I will be back wiht some pictures from my suck holiday!!)


5 comments on “OPTIONAL BOX~holiday~ -Heey!!! Sorry for the absences!-

  1. Damn, personally, i think mandarin is difficult at memorizing the whole kanji –”
    I still prefer japanese, cause katakana and hiragana is damn easy 😀
    But still, need a few kanji~

  2. ~i know! mandrain is sooo hard, but once you get them they are very easy…i just love my culture..the poems and stuff, so much deeper than english literature(my opinion)

    ahaha i just came back from san francisco trip, gotta love ther! and the tour guide is wonderful and funny!!!

    Fredy be a good tour guide, its sooo wonderful! ….you said it on your “about” so..~

    i broke law and drink wine>_<

  3. whoa dude, you must study hard with that language. it surely hard. Good Luck!!

    yeah, holiday sucks. I’ve nothing to do in holiday. I’m turning into a-couch potato right now. ha ha ha

    Waiting for the pics and brand-new news in your blog,dude!!

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