JEWELRY BOX~Summer 2008~

Hey!! It has been almost 4 months with you guys, and it’s already summer in Japan. Well Summer is the best period to release great songs and any other great stuffs (such as bikini) LOL!! I changed my banner and featured artist. And yeah the comments and Owner’s Biography has been moved to : About

YAY I got a ton of new stars!!
I also inspired by Fullmoon’s flowery line so I created..

Well It’s not that good though.. XD
btw mihimarise review’s stars have been changed to newer one!
Check it up!!


2 comments on “JEWELRY BOX~Summer 2008~

  1. This is Fullmoon but I got another username~
    Wahaha I’m glad that I cracked you up(I know lame english) 😀

    Wahh~I’m glad you like the flower lines, OMG you created that? O_O I always get it from other people’s website!! It is very very pretty indeed!!!

    For some reason I keep watching Mihimaru GT’s Girigiri hero…I just really enjoy that nice guy..for some reason I feel so touched and want to cry after I saw him was bullied and other people try to save him -0-..then I start to laugh again cuz I saw that puppy with the same cloak -_-;;

    the girl in mihimaru is really really pretty!

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