BoA & Weezer – Meri Kuri~duo version~ (Download)

Hell! Weezer the popular American rock band covered my BoA’s favorite ballad called Meri Kuri. It’s a winter ballad so it’s a present for you all to chill you down from this blazing summer LOL. OK, I’ve tried the best for you guys. It’s kind of hard to mix the both versions of BoA’s and Weezer’s. The main reason is coz Weezer’s Japanese sometimes flows slower or even faster o_0 Amazing isn’t it? LOL. And I’m not a professional song mixer, so some of the parts may sound weird and a bit messy. But seriously! I enjoyed my own mix (-~_~-). And I hope you love this duo version^^ It’s my favorite ballad all the time so…

DOWNLOAD : MeriKuri~duo version~ (4MB)

Alex of BoA’s House for the accapela version of Meri Kuri

I Uploaded and mixed this song so credit this blog :-p YAHOO~ \(^ヮ^)/


10 comments on “BoA & Weezer – Meri Kuri~duo version~ (Download)

  1. 😦

    I really…dislike Weezer’s cover…His other songs are good but Meri Kuri..His voice just doesn’t flow with the song..

    Oh well~ I just feel happy that they cover BoA’s Meri Kuri, its one of my fav ballad from BoA!

    Lol I knoe BoA should do some MV like Ayu! OMG Ayu appears so westernish~yet sooo pretty! I saw one of her photoshoots she dressed like a French lady!!! Ayu is not only pretty but very very truly truly graceful looking~!!! she have a queen appearance(lol namie,too)

  2. lool weezer throw me off…. i like boa voice and i will look for this album but weezer, eh? lol that was kind of funny how he voice didn’t collide at all ~~ Simmon will die if he listens to something like this.. *___*

  3. Ha ha ha ha!!!!Simon absolutely will not hear this.
    But Weezer is great!I mean, if they sing in English, they’re totally awsome! I love their songs very much.By the way about this mix, I love BoA voice!nice job, dude.

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