Compilation – Koi No Uta

Well, Avex came with another random compilation albums, it’s Koi No Uta (Love songs). it’s including, ayumi hamasaki, Koda Kumi, mihimaru GT, DREAMS SOME TRUE, m-flo, Every Little Thing, etc. Just a note they put ayumi hamasaki’s BLUE BIRD, Koda Kumi’s ai no uta and Go My Way, mihimaru GT’s Koisuru Kimochi. It just a big shock for me that avex didn’t put BoA‘s song suh as LOVE LETTER, lol thay just don’t know how to make a compilation album and know how to raise money so well. LOL~ I’m not getting this album!


5 comments on “Compilation – Koi No Uta

  1. Yeah, and 1 thing! BLUE BIRD is not a love song, it tells about the gorgeusness of this world ^^

    HELL! I hope mihimaru GT will do collab with BoA

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