BoA – TRI-ANGLE~BoA’s Part~ (Review+Download)

TRI-ANGLE was originally DBSK‘s song featuring BoA and THE TRAX, since I think BoA’s part is the best, here you go! I mixed it a little, and yeah I’m not a professional mixer so I don’t know will you love it. But, I’m sure you will ^^

Tracklist :
01. TRI-ANGLE [1:11]
02. TRI-ANGLE (Live Version) [0:37]

DOWNLOAD : TRI-ANGLE (950 KB) | TRI-ANGLE (Live Version) (700 KB)

I mixed the beginning part, BoA’s part and the ending part mixed with THE TRAX’ voice. It’s a rock song, well BoA’s part is the best part just like I’ve mentioned, Not Only BoA’s part but the instrumentals also sound so HECK DAMN GREAT! The guitar mixed with the synth and the orchestra, Oh yeah you can here that I’ve added some chimes in it, OK it doesn’t sound that loud, but if you try to listen with earphone an a bit carefulness you will find it. I hope BoA would release something like this in the future. She is EXCELLENT for something like dark rock song! Not only ayumi hamasaki, BoA also should record sad or dark rock song! I’m looking forward it BoA!! God! I want it badly!!!
And the Live version that I ripped from her performance is extremely short, but I do enjoy it so much. It sounds neater coz in the studio version after DBSK’s part BoA’s part pooped out without any long interlude, but in the Live version they put longer interlude.

ripped by me, so credit :-p


8 comments on “BoA – TRI-ANGLE~BoA’s Part~ (Review+Download)

  1. Maybe around 2005/2006? Wasureta…
    I remember BoA sang ‘Oh Holy Night’ with DBSK too, but I forgot when and where…

  2. OmG, love it!!I just hear it and it’s great!Gosh, the violin(Jazz and Classic lover here, ha ha).You rock, dude!

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