10 Singers from all over the world are going to remake an English song “Dedication of Love“. They are BoA (Korea), Ruth Sahanaya (Indonesia), Wei Wei (China), Rusiana Gaitana (Ukraine), Phoebe (Greece), Sonu (India) and the other artists from Brazil, Paris and Oman. The recording will be held in Bei Jing on 9th June 2008. The Song is originally Wei Wei’s song.

It produced by Roald Hoffmann and Brian Alan, They planned to raise funds by this worldwide single release to be contributed to the Sichuan Earthquake to help rebuild the area.

Well, I feel so sorry about the victims, Hope for their best.  And hopefully this single will sold over billion so they would raise high funds. SO BUY THIS SINGLE!! To help Sichuan’s Earthquake Victims!


5 comments on “BoA sings for SICHUAN’S EARTHQUAKE !

  1. Sweet niblets, it’s so nice!!
    whew, Ruth Sahanaya is in the compilation!I’m absolutely gobsmacked!

    I hope this compilation will help them (Victims of Sichuan’s earthquake).

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