OPTIONAL BOX~THE FACE 2~ + BoA – Vivid & メリクリ Reports – Weezer covered BoA’s メリクリ (Download)

I just wondering, I would give 10/10 instead of 9,4/10 to BoA’s THE FACE if the tracklist went like this

02. Sweet Impact
03. My Way, Your Way~Hip Hop version~
04. be with you.~strong vocal version~
05. LOSE YOUR MIND feat. Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA
06. Girl In The Mirror
07. Happy Birthday~Up beat version~
08. Diamond Heart
10. BRAVE~dark rock version~
11. ひとつの命分
12. Style
13. Smile Again
14. Beautiful Flowers
15. Best Friend~ballad version~
16. Hey Boy, Hey Girl – SEAMO feat. BoA

01. Sweet Impact
04. be with you.
05. Beautiful Flowers
06. Girl In The Mirror
07. BRAVE~dark rock version~

Well, I want My Way, Your Way with more powerful voice. It’s good but Hey! She’s BoA, with her strong voice! but I don’t really fingd her strenght in this song, just like be with you., Happy Birthday and BRAVE. Well Happy Birthday is great and I guess it’s perfect but I’d prefer something stronger like Nanairo no Ashita~brand new beat~. about BRAVE, I love everything but the weak chous, well it’s good but I’m hoping for something like ayumi hamasaki’s rock song. then ひとつの命分 (hitotsu no Inochi) which means a life replaced Gyappu ni Yarareta, Coz I want noteable ballads such as OUR LOVE~to my parents~. the last one is Best Friend which I guess it suits ballad better than cute song.

The 2nd one is the DVD, Why they don’t make a PV for Beautiful Flowers, I think it’s a perfect song. And yeah BoA should release new PV for her album such as the other artist, the recomende one is Girl In The Mirror and BRAVE~dark rock version~.

Vivid Report

Well 「Vivid」 is BoA‘s 26th Single, peaked on the third place of oricon chart. Well afterall Vivid is a great single packaged with 3 songs and 2 Video Clips. the first song is 「Kissing you」that used for Japanese Drama 「7人の女弁護士」. The second song is the best song I guess 「Sparkling」that also used for a product, named Zespri (Kiwi). The last song is 「Joyful Smile」that used for 「music.jp」. After all this Single promotions are great, hope it will reach the peak of Oricon Chart and sold more than her previous singles such as be with you. and LOSE YOUR MIND

NOTE : God! I just Won BoA’s House contest and got the CD+DVD version of Vivid which means I’ve supported BoA by 1 point ^^ I’m so happy

メリクリ Report

Weezer, the famous american rock band released their Japanese version of The Red Album. They covered BoA’s song, Meri Kuri. it’s in the 15th Track in their album. This song was recommended to Weezer by Kyoko Ito, the wife of the band’s frontman Rivers Cuomo. Cuomo commented that he normally ends up disliking songs that other people suggest to him, but he was instantly taken with Meri kuri.

DOWNLOAD : Weezer – Meri Kuri

credit : tokyograph & boajjang


19 comments on “OPTIONAL BOX~THE FACE 2~ + BoA – Vivid & メリクリ Reports – Weezer covered BoA’s メリクリ (Download)

  1. I just watched a clip of BoA crying after she heared her fans sang Meri Kuri to her..WOW I’m sooo touched she was soooo cute!!!

    ..I really hope BoA can come up with something really really fresh and impressive, all her songs in THE FACE were good but they didnt give me the “wow its sooo good” at first impression T_T

    Still very very good,though!

    And congrats to your winning! Wahaha thats so wonderful you can support BoA!!!

  2. wheew, Weezer sang it?I love Weezer so much!their songs are great. love it!
    so curious about Merikuri song. how would it be?

    by the way, Congratulation, dude!!whoa, you’ve won it, finally!congratulation, once again!

  3. Wah thanx, all. Btw agree about weezer, their japanese is just horible, and yeah why didnt they translate it into english

  4. ha ha ha!!you know Cinta Laura?!yeah, that reminds me too. well, yeah, Weezer’s accent is not good. but at least they’re try!I love its instrumental. great!!

  5. Heeyaa…
    Hope she won’t let out that strange accent, such as ‘becyek’, ‘ojyek’ and the other stuff XD

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