BoA’s 7th Anniversary in Japan Market! + Sparkling i-dep’s GAAP mix (Download)

31st 2001 May is the day BoA released her 1st Japanese Single, ID;Peace B. Today (actually not today), means 7 years after ID;Peace B releasing is BoA’s 7th Anniversary in Japan Market. Let’s Congrats BoA with all of her struggle in Japan Market, since she is one of the most popular artist in Japan within the other great tallented artists. Well Let’s hope with this anniversary celebrated, she will release better (Well all of her releases are good already though) songs and works in the future, and let’s pray for Vivid, hopefully it will sold well. Tomorrow Vivid will be released, so DROP IT!

One more, we also celebrating BoA’s Blog 1st Anniversary ^^ Happy BoA!!

Sparkling i-dep’s GAAP mix (Download)

Sparkling (i-dep’s GAAP mix) [Original Version] ()
Sparkling (i-dep’s GAAP mix) [BoA’s Voice version] ()

credit : boajjang


15 comments on “BoA’s 7th Anniversary in Japan Market! + Sparkling i-dep’s GAAP mix (Download)

  1. I just watched in youtube that ID;Peace B means her ID is BoA ^^ I don’t quite get the ‘Peace’ part btw hahahah

    but just congrats her 1 more time!! XD BoA

  2. Woohooo BoA!
    I love ID;Peace B, great song!
    “Peace B is my ID!” yeah, I remember that words in its lyric.

    once again, Woohoo BoA!

  3. I think she said,’Ima hajimaru Peace B is my network ID’
    Which means, ‘It’s starting now, Peace B is my network ID’
    So, her ID is Peace B XD
    I don’t quite understand what the ‘B’ stands for…
    Maybe BoA? XD
    Anyway, Omedetto BoA-chan! YAHOO!!!

  4. its 7 years already? Still remember when i first watched her on tv.. i was 6 that time.. That means i watched her for the first time in 2002.. hmm, i prefer ID PEACE B in japanese ver. but ID PEACE B in korean is good too but dont know why i always want to laugh when i heard it

  5. Gosh…u are a loyal fan. XD. I think “ID; Peace B” was the firs Japanese song of her’s that I fell in love with (yes, I’m one of those people who actually like that song). Actually, it was “Every Heart -minna no kimochi-” but at the tym I didn’t know it was her singing it.

  6. wow its wonderful!!
    vivd is #3 at oricon chart!!! hope it sell higher!!!!

    have you heard BoA’s TOUCH at the ’06 summer SMTOWN album? its sooooooooooooooooo good!! O_O I was soo impressed! OMG I really hope she can release a single like “TOUCH” in japan!

  7. means something like wont move just for you… ^^
    and yeah ‘B’ In ID;Peace B is BoA
    she revelead it, hmmm I watched it on youtube a fw days ago ^^

    BTW yay glad to Vivid

  8. have all of u watch id:peace b in korean ver? she was thirteen at that time.. very young! bcoz im twelve so i can imagine how difficult BoA’s life at that time.. she couldnt live her life like another teenager bcoz she have to practice n practice.. now she is ASIA’S SUPERSTAR! go BoA!

  9. Haha she just so cutee… Always want 2 pinch her xd, hell ive watched it of coz, and her dancing was damn talented! Gosh! She should b loved ^^

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