Koda Kumi – Moon Crying & That Ain’t Cool PV is out!

Well, Koda Kumi’s Moon Crying just popped out yesterday, just like I the song is great

Moon Crying

The storyline is sad, quite touching. But there’s something that I can’t love, such as her act when she is crying. No offense she looks fake but not in all of them. The part when she is crying in front of the aquarium is cool. Hahaha. It has many settings and outfits but none of them is really work on me, all of them is just normal. And There’s one black outfit that doesn’t really match the PV. BTW her new style is cute. Well just like BoA’s Vivid’s Videos, nothing really impressed me. but still enjoyable and good.

That Ain’t Cool feat. FERGIE

I’m saying, It’s more like FERGIE feat. Koda Kumi, and seriously, Koda Kumi looks more bitchy. One more, FERGIE acts weird on the table… She does many weir poses. unlike FERGIE, Koda Kumi uses more bitchy poses. Hahaha no many settings and scenes but yeah the hotness helps this PV so much. Though it looks hot but hell, can’t give too high score since it doesn’t really attract me except the hotness :-p Hahaha HAWT!


13 comments on “Koda Kumi – Moon Crying & That Ain’t Cool PV is out!

  1. Aieee~ New PV!!

    …my P.E teacher gave me a B cuz I failed Final…OMG he doesnt even look at how hard i was trying..with all those muscular ppl…poor me running 2 miles…

    Wahah I love mihimaru GT’s songs!!!! I just get them yesterday

    thanks thanks!!

  2. Moon Crying is really good,,now that i listen to it again..OMG the cover of the single are soooo pretty!!! Her dress is like….very very long.;;;

  3. Gosh, I haven’t see the PV yet, but i’m gonna watch it. Dang fred, your review is hilarious. ha ha ha, I’m so curious what it (the PV) will gonna be!

  4. Sweet niblets, the That Ain’t Cool PV is just..–
    *can’t say anything* *gaaaahh*
    Well you boys gonna love it. 🙂

    Fergie doing the weird movement. like a gymnastic move. the song is good, I think.

  5. I love all the songs on her new single, but I wish “Lady Go!” and “Once Again” were A-sides, too. Hell. I think “Lady Go!” might just be my favourite song on the single. O.o

    I like “That Ain’t Cool,” but it DOES have too much Fergie. I understand, though, because the song was a gift to Kuu from Fergie. Fergie composed the lyrics and whatnot, but if that were the case, she should have given Kuu more parts and not make Kuu look bad in the song. If you didn’t know who Koda Kumi was, you would think it was just some random Japanese chick trying to be cool.

    I still like the song, don’t get me wrong. :3 I’m a HUGE Kuu fan and have never disliked any of her songs. Love them all. :3

    And I love “Moon Crying”!! It’s so pretty! And sad. As I’ve said: Only Koda Kumi can make me cry over a song. ;-;

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