[ALBUM] Namie Amuro’s 3rd BEST ALBUM

Namie Amuro‘s gonna release he 3rd best album, the album contains songs from “Wishing On The Same Star” to “60s70s80s“. It will also contain 2 new songs.


9 comments on “[ALBUM] Namie Amuro’s 3rd BEST ALBUM

  1. YES YES!!! I’m going to buy it~

    Namie is the prettiest singer!!!
    all the good movie and albums are coming out in the summer!
    so why not fight for the final tests?~~~~~

    namie~kongfu panda~

    ..i wonder if its her best singles collection like BoA’s Best of Soul..

    that will be cool! since most of her famous singles are in the 90s and hard to find…pluz thats her golden age!

    i want to hear her old songs rather than her new style songs..


    can you celebrate?~~!!!

  2. aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???

    You can read japanese??
    wow..so smart…
    I’m going to learn this summer~

    i guess my listening will be pretty good, since i listen to JPOP all the time.

  3. ^ That’s considered “older hits” for me. I heard all her 90s songs but I missed “break the rules” and some other stuff… :p


  4. ^Namie became cooler when she got married though! Actually, as the years went by she got better w/ age. I love how she went to Pop / trance to Early R&B (I guess that’s what you could call her 60s70s80s single). I know you probably don’t won’t me to say this since you’re a male fan of BoA*, but I hope BoA* gets married! So she can get better w/ age too!

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